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Why Cher Lloyd is My Spirit Animal

Why Cher Lloyd is My Spirit Animal

I’m sure you’ve all noticed the seemingly random stream of attractive British pop stars showing up all of a sudden. The Wanted, One Direction (AKA my baby daddies), Olly Murs, Ed Sheeran, and the list goes on and on. Well, I’m going to introduce another one:Cher Lloyd, who is so awesome she is literally my spirit animal.

  1. She is gorgeous. Let’s be real, just look at her.
  2. She’s fierce. She’s actually a really small person (like me), if you think about it, but her personality is huge. She is so sassy. Just watch the video for "Want U Back" and tell me this girl can’t take care of herself.
  3. She’s mega talented. Not only does she have a huge personality, she’s got a huge voice. It’s incredible to hear her sing, especially since it doesn't look like she should be able to sound like that.
  4. She’s independent. Again with the X Factor stuff: she had to live in a house with people like One Direction (a bunch of teenage boys), Matt Cardle, Rebecca Ferguson, and basically a bunch of people that she didn’t even know. And in the Xterrogator videos (a weekly thing the X Factor people did), she was just so comfortable. She was only sixteen, one of the youngest contestants, and a solo artist at that. Most younger contestants were in groups, and the solo artists were mostly older, but Cher held her own so well.
  5. Swag. Okay, just go watch her X Factor audition when she sings "Turn My Swag On." It really shouldn’t work for her, but it SO does. Which brings me to my final point...
  6. She works it. This one isn’t even specific because literally, Cher works everything. She works the attitude, her size, and her clothes. She raps in pretty much every single one of her songs. I honestly looked up the lyrics to "Swagger Jagge" before listening to it, and I was so skeptical, but she pulled it off. Cher can literally do anything she wants because she has got it. She’s got the flow to make your mom and dad call the cops.

Do you love Cher Lloyd, too?

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