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The Sandman Comics Series, and Why You Should Be Aware of Its Existence

The Sandman Comics Series, and Why You Should Be Aware of Its Existence

A bit of background: on November, in a 1960s land across the great pond also known as an ocean, a writer was born. A writer who (hence the label assigned to him) wrote many things, relayed highly quotable and witty rhetoric to the masses, and presumably slayed many a dragon and foul-smelling troll. That writer's name was Neil Gaiman, and he continues to write and make impressionable American girls such as myself think that all Brits are wondrous and wise wordsmiths to this very day. Among his list of literary accomplishments, Mr. Gaiman wrote The Sandman, a comic book series that accurately reflects his writing prowess. And that prowess is AWESOME!The Sandman is one of the world's few best selling comics, and a particular Shakespeare-inspired issue was the first and only comic to win the World Fantasy Award. People later said allowing a comic to win the award was a travesty, but it's Neil Gaiman we're talking about here, people. The man accumulates writing awards like a crazy survivalist racks up canned goods and bullets for the apocalypse. You can't not let him win something. The Sandman is just that good. It was the first and only comic I've ever read and re-read, and it deserves the attention of literature nerds everywhere. So I hereby present to you the list of basic information in this series cleverly worded to make you want to read it!

  1. The Sandman AKA Dream AKA Morpheus AKA Oneiros is the main character, and he's like Edward if Edward was actually bad-ass and his brooding was actually entertaining. Dream is one of the Endless; he is the personification of dreams and stories; he's BFFs with his fellow Endless sister Death; he has a library full of books that were only dreamed about, and whenever he's in a particularly broody mood he puts his castle on top of a cliff and stands out in the rain all dramatic-like.
  2. There are lots of short stories, but a continuous story arch for Dream all the way through, and he appears in all the shorts. He's a giant cat in one, and a nobleman who is pals with Shakespeare and the Fair Folk in the next, the dude who shows up when a dream is collapsing Inception-style in another, and a Muse's ex-boyfriend. Oh yeah, and breaking up with him is serious business. Like wrath-of-the-gods serious.
  3. Stuff that may be off-putting to some of the more sensitive readers: This is an adult comic, so there's some explicit things throughout. Some nudity and language and disturbing subject matter and the like appear in the series. This is not something you'd want to read around little siblings is all I'm saying. And for the more religious Sparklers out there, religion is portrayed in a very interesting way—all gods exist in their own realms, no religion is no more true or false than any other, and the Endless are older than all of the gods anyway. If stuff like that bothers you, there's a heads up so you aren't blindsided by the religious angle. Dream has a dinner party with a lot of the gods at one point, though, and that's fun!
  4. It's a comic book. That means less reading and more pictures! It's almost like watching TV.
  5. It's been called the comic strip for intellectuals. If that doesn't appeal to the pretentious book nerd who wants everyone to know about your above average IQ in all of us, I don't know what will.

Have you ever read the Sandman? Are you about to start?

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