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The Book (Series) That Changed My Life

The Book (Series) That Changed My Life

I am not what you would call a lady. For all my knowledge of forks and dressage, I’ve never been able to capture the elusive quality of classiness. I appreciate Russian literature, but given the choice between Dostoyevsky and trashy chick lit found in supermarket checkout lines, I’ll almost always pick the chick lit.

Especially if the cover is pink and has shoes on it.

The book that changed my life is similar to all those pink and girly books. It’s titled Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging, and it’s by Louise Rennison. It is also the first in a series of ten fabulous books.

I remember seeing the cover in a classmate’s locker my freshman year of high school and being way too shy to ask her what the book was actually like. I knew I had to read that book, though. After school I ran to the library and hunted through the shelves of neon book covers, loose bindings, and familiar favorites. After a good three-hour hunt I found the lime green cover, yanked it off the shelf, and started reading. I sat in the library for two more hours until my mom finally called and told me to come home.

That book was life-changing for three reasons:

1. It let me see that my problems aren’t unique and they definitely have solutions
2. It made teen angst really funny and got me to flaunt my sarcasm and wit
3. It changed my perspective on life. Before reading the series, I was a fairly quiet, unassuming kid. After reading that first book, I started becoming a little crazier and a little less apologetic about being myself.

Any book that’s mind-bogglingly hilarious, therapeutic, relatable, and genuinely life-changing works for me. Plus it’s British, and sometimes British things are just cool.

Have you read these books? They are your Sparkitors' #1 favorites!

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