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Father's Day Gifts for Dads That Are Hard to Shop For

Father's Day Gifts for Dads That Are Hard to Shop For

If you’re anything like me, Father’s Day is just another day (on top of Christmas and his birthday) during which you realize your dad is some kind of superhuman without material wants or needs. You’ll think long and hard, and you’ll scour the stores, and you’ll beg your mom for help, but you’ll ultimately wind up buying him a World’s Best Dad mug to add to the agglomeration of mugs already claiming ownership in some distant corner of the kitchen.

Now, if you want to throw him a curveball and buy him something that is NOT mug-shaped, consider the following.

Something your dad just can’t get enough of. Maybe for your dad it’s matchbox cars or cigarette lighters or embarrassing neckties with ducks on them. For my dad, it’s hats. The man loves his hats. I don’t think I’d recognize him if he wasn’t wearing a hat. (I also barely recognized him when he grew a beard while I was away at college, but since he was wearing a hat, I knew.)

A gift card. Nothing says “I don’t know what to get you” quite like a gift card, but so what? Everyone likes a gift card to their favorite store. So if your dad just goes nuts in RadioShack or Home Depot… you know what to do. And if you’re worried about the less-than-stellar implications of getting your dad a gift card for Father’s Day, jazz it up a little. Make him go on a scavenger hunt to find it. Put it in a box inside of a box inside of a box inside of a BOX. It’s an oldie, but it’s a goodie.

Your time. Give him a gift certificate for five lawn mowings or car washes, free of charge and without complaint. Go play golf with him if he’s into that kind of thing and you can tee off without hitting yourself in the face with your own club. Get tickets to a game or movie, or some other event you can do together, because AWWW.

A gift basket with all his favorite stuff. Throw in his favorite candy, a book by his favorite author, and an inside joke or two.

Sports memorabilia. Let’s face it—a lot of our dads spend their days glued to whatever sports phenomenon is taking place on TV. If you get them their favorite team’s shirt/sweatshirt/sweatpants, at least they’ll be doing it in style. (Sort of.)

Something mushy. For Christmas a few years ago I simply got my dad a ruler, and wrote on the back, “No dad in the world can measure up to you.” Measure? Ruler? See what I did there? Okay, yes, it was absolutely, totally, and utterly cheesy, but it was cheesy in the best possible way because I MEANT it. He still has it, and to this day he says it was the best gift he’s ever gotten.

What's the best present you've ever gotten your dad for Father's Day?

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