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Blogging My AP Euro Class

Blogging My AP Euro Class

Mademoiselle History Buff here, reporting from my AP Euro class at my girls’ high school. This is the kind of class where I was freaked out before we started, because, hey, isn’t Euro the impossible AP? Especially when you’re a sophomore? And well, ummm…….

9:15—I walk into class. Half of my classmates are sitting around chatting. The other half are standing around chatting. The third half are making Student Council movies, watching Student Council movies, texting, eating popcorn, applying makeup, and doing last-minute Spanish homework.  Mr. A is standing unobtrusively in the front of the room muttering, “Settle down, girls! Settle down!”

9:25—We are at least one third of the way quiet, and Mr. A turns on a movie. I thought this class was supposed to be intense?

9:26—Ohhh, it’s a HISTORICAL movie. Nicholas and Alexandra.

9:30—I take that back. Nicholas and Alexandra is the COOLEST movie on the face of planet Earth. (BTW, I do highly recommend it.)

9:35—Rasputin is staggering through the hall of that crazy fancy palace with the drag queen flutist and the crazy princes. He's been shot and he's being hit with chains. What's going to happen? “DON’T TURN IT OFF!!!!”

9:36—Darn you, Mr. A.

9:40—We start on the Russian Revolution slideshow. There are maybe three people taking notes. We spend ten minutes on each slide.

9:42—Everyone takes out their veggies, preparing for the Great Peanut Butter Ritual. Jars of Creamy and Chunky Skippy are passed around. May all double-dippers get 2s on the AP.

9:45—The class is buzzing out. We’re going to end up reading this in our books anyway, because it’s already April and there is no way we are going to finish the material on time.

9:50—The class has degenerated into a discussion of our favorite movies, gay rights, pizza,  and, courtesy of Mr. A., reasons why the Patriots are awful.

10:00—As Mr. A. is demonstrating the correct way to prepare tofu stir-fry, Ms. F, our principal, walks in. We can hear a pin drop (actually, a lip pencil—makeup in class? What makeup in class?). Cell phones vanish. Ms. F looks quizzically at the frying pan and spatula in Mr. A’s hands, but doesn’t say anything. She sits down in the front row.

10:05—Mr. A. is actually TEACHING. Alert the presses!

10:10—Bell rings. Girls go running, either to Spanish to hand in the homework they just finished or to Mr. A. to perfect their tofu skills. Ms. F walks off, scratching her head in puzzlement.

Have you ever taken an AP class this crazy?

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