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Literary Mash-Ups We Want to Read

Literary Mash-Ups We Want to Read

Sometimes mixing stuff up that doesn't normally go together gets awesome results. Captain Crunch and Coco Puffs in one bowl? Culinary masterpiece. Mixing The Great Gatsby trailer with My Little Ponies? Genius. Here are some literary mash-ups that throw some of your favorite classic lit characters together. Let's watch what happens.

Anne of Girl, Interrupted

In a world full of pessimism and sadness, Anne Shirley's bright outlook on life is mistaken for mental illness and she's sent to McLean Mental Hospital.

Go Ask Anthony and Cleopatra

A diary chronicling Cleopatra and Anthony's love and ultimate destruction given to high schoolers to scare them away from all consuming love and battles fought at sea.

The Importance of Being Equus

Same basic story line and themes of religion, guilt, and inner conflict, but this time with more witty banter and hilarious mix-ups.

The Fountainhead and Zooey

Zooey tries to help his sister Franny with her crisis of faith, until his old high school classmate Howard Roark call and reminds him you should never help someone if you're not getting something out of it. Leaving Franny in a pit of confusion and despair, Zooey goes to do what makes him really happy: read in the bathtub.

The Lion, the Witch, and the White Fang

Four children are staying in a strange house when they discover a passage way to a magical land called Narnia. Unfortunately when they enter two of them are eaten by magical wolves. But the other two have terrific adventures.


The whale is actually a vampire. Just go with it.

What do you think? Do any of these mash-ups sound like a good read?

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