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Book Review: Clockwork Angel

Book Review: Clockwork Angel

Who's ready for another B& must read?

Book: Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

Synopsis: Following the death of her loving aunt, Tessa Gray travels from New York to London to live with her wayward brother. Once she arrives, however, she finds herself drawn into London’s dark side, a world where an uneasy truce between an ancient race of warriors known as Shadowhunters and supernatural creatures called Downworlders allows for the former to hunt down the demons that threaten everyone. Tessa soon finds that she herself is a Downworlder, but no one ever seems to have known one quite like her. Taken in by a group of Shadowhunters residing at the Institute, she meets gorgeous Will, whose snarky humor hides a dark secret, and equally gorgeous (but in a different way) Jem, whose sweetness hides a different dark secret. Chaos ensues after Tessa agrees to use her ability to help the Institute in exchange for them finding her brother.

Is this a “must-read”?: Surprisingly…yes

Why?: I was fully expecting this to be just another supernatural romance, except with steampunk. My best-case scenario was that this would be an “intro book” like The Demon King. But this list seems determined to surprise me. Clockwork Angel, despite being a prequel (for the Mortal Instruments series, according to the cover), and despite the suggestion of a so-typical-it-made-me-facepalm love triangle, is actually really good. There’s action, adventure, secret-but-not-really romance, loveable characters, cute guys, monsters, pseudo-monsters, and Cassandra Clare works humor into dark moments like a regular Rowling.

Tessa, our protag, goes from typical Victorian female wimp to typical Victorian badass, Will’s dancing around his deep dark secret will make you want to scream at him, and every time it seems like Jem’s going to die your heart will explode. Clockwork Angel takes the hallmarks of typical teen books and twists them to fit its needs; that, the excellent world-building, good pacing, and serious character depth result in a truly engaging read. The first fifty pages or so are pretty confusing, you’ll pretty much be yelling “Why is this happening?! Would it kill one of you Shadowhunters to stop and explain something?!” but it gets much better from then on. Plus I’m pretty sure Clare meant for the reader to feel aggravated because that’s how the protag, Tessa, feels. Best of all, the romance doesn’t overshadow the far more interesting plot and is subtle enough to avoid being corny.

Next time: Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi

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