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Top 5 Questionable Movie-Tie Ins

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Top 5 Questionable Movie-Tie Ins

Heads up, Masterminds! Summer's here. That means in no time at all we’ll be heading to the theater to catch the latest summer blockbusters. These popcorn flicks always come hand-in-hand with the latest and (sometimes not so) greatest product tie-ins. In our quest to unearth the weirdest movie tie-ins we’ve come across everything from vampire hamburgers to arachnid-themed cosmetics and quite possibly the strangest action figure ever manufactured. Without further delay, let’s take a closer look at some of these weird, wacky, and way out products.

OPI The Amazing Spiderman Collection

Here’s the latest (and possibly strangest) tie-in for the upcoming Spiderman reboot, The Amazing Spiderman. The Amazing Spiderman Collection consists of seven different Spiderman-themed nail polishes from OPI, complete with their own Spidey-themed names. There’s Just Spotted The Lizard, an aptly named golden-green shade, Your Web Or Mine, a cutesy frosted peach and Into The Night, a shimmery dark blue. Not content with the movie-tie-in trifecta of fast food, action figures, and poorly made video games, advertisers are now also trying to appeal directly to female audiences. Personally, we’d prefer to be bitten by a radioactive spider than be caught wearing Spiderman-themed nail polish. At least the spider bite would give you awesome superhero abilities and not insipid, peach-colored nails.

Twilight Hamburgers

Just when you thought the Twilight marketing machine had reached its zenith, Burger King gave us Twilight-themed hamburgers.  Released with what Advertising Age termed “female super fans” in mind, The Twilight-themed meal consisted of six mini-hamburgers, fries, and a soft drink. Diners could also participate in a Twilight “gaming promotion”. And just to cover all their bases, they released different Twilight-themed food for both Twilight: New Moon and Twilight: Eclipse. With the release of the final film set for November, you can expect to see yet another Twilight-themed promotion at your local Burger King any day now.

Stay-Puft Marshmallows

Who doesn’t love marshmallows? Especially one that’s a 112-foot tall, malevolent paranormal monster (Imagine if you could get a marshmallow 112 feet tall. You could make the world’s largest s’more... mmm, s’mores)? Thanks to the awesome folks at Think Geek, you can get some genuine Stay-Puft marshmallows of your very own. As far as weird movie-tie-ins go, this is one of our favorites. The tag line practically writes itself. Stay-Puft: marshmallows with a side of evil. They may not be 112 feet tall but they will be caffeinated (!!) and very puffy.

Rocky Meat Action Figurine

Arguably the strangest action figure ever made. This Rocky-themed action figure isn’t Balboa himself, Apollo Creed, or even Adrian. It’s the meat Rocky practices his boxing on. You read that correctly. It’s an action figure. Of meat. How this bizarre piece of memorabilia came to exist is beyond the bounds of rational human thought. While we may never know how it got approved for sale, you can have countless hours of fun re-enacting your favorite training scene from the movie.

NES Back To The Future Video Game

A game so bad, we wouldn’t wish it on anyone—not even Biff Tannen. Created exclusively for the NES console, it was almost universally panned upon release. The game’s manufacturer, LJN Toys, refused input from anyone associated with the movie, preferring instead to come up with their own plot and ideas. The game featured mind-numbing gameplay, an almost nonsensical plot, and very limited replay value. An average gamer could complete the entire game in around an hour. Bob Gale, Back To The Future’s screenwriter has openly trashed it, saying its "one of the worst games ever," and advised fans not to waste their money on it.

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What’s your favorite crazy movie tie-in?

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