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The Ultimate Book-Lover's Room

The Ultimate Book-Lover's Room

What's the saying? You can never be too rich, too thin, or have too many books? We're not sure about those first two, but that last one sounds about right. If you, like us, are in the grips of a full-blown bibliophilia, you'll want your surroundings to reflect your passion for all things published. Just for you, Sparkleworms, we spent the day scouring the  whole world internet for book-inspired furnishings that can turn your room into a librarian's paradise.

  • First, of course, you'll need a bed. You can go co-sleeper Brangelina-style with this massive Book Bed by Japanese artist Yusuku Suzuki. Or, if you don't kick in your sleep, you could surround yourself in this bed/raft of bookshelves. Our favorite is this Princess and the Pea arrangement. And of course you'll need some literary sheets.
  • Purists demand that their feet touch words first thing in the morning. Make that happen with this area rug made from recycled book covers, or this plush storybook rug. If you want to be all meta about it, you can make a rug out of books about rugs.
  • If you plan to share your sacred space with friends, you'll need some extra seating. The Bibliochaise is both functional and fashionable. Or you can put your parents' old Encyclopaedia Britannicas to good use (note: your third grade teacher not included). For a dorm room, consider a classic futon design.
  • You will, of course, need a bedside table to put your reading-in-progress on.
  • You might also want a desk, complete with pencil holder and lamp, where you can work on your own literary masterpiece.
  • It's quite likely you'll get caught up in your reading, and you don't want to be late for book club (it's biography month!), so why not throw in a clock or two?
  • If you're the wallpaper kind, consider this for your bathroom. Bonus: built-in bathroom reading.
  • Last but not least, you'll need some cool bookshelves. And storage bins for the overflow from those bookshelves.

Did we go overboard? Would you use these bookish objets d'art in your bedroom?

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