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Extremely Important Anne of Green Gables News

Extremely Important Anne of Green Gables News

Oh my Gilbert Blythe, they're making a new Anne of Green Gables!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, Sparklers, in an announcement that we can only assume was timed to coincide with Books Week, the CBC has said that they're working on a brand-new adaptation of the classic series about a feisty bookworm who's basically the OG Sparkler.

We're thrilled, of course, but we're also a little scared. As the gals at Jezebel point out, the new series will be set "in a more modern era," and that's worrisome. What if the CBC gets too modern? If they make any of the following changes, we're staging Occupy Avonlea.

Do you love Anne of Green Gables? Will you watch the new series?

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