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Watch the Live Stream of DoSomething.Org's Social Change BOOT CAMP!

Watch the Live Stream of DoSomething.Org's Social Change BOOT CAMP!

What's this?! A post on a Saturday?!? INCONCEIVABLE! As you butts well know, us Sparkitors are a bunch of lazy taters, and there are very few people that could get us to do actual work on a weekend. Aragorn is one of them, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is another, and the third is Naomi Hirabayashi Ousley, our amazing pal at the equally amazing Naomi and her team are behind some of the causes closest to your hearts—like The Bully Project, Teens for Jeans, and Thumb Wars—and today, they're giving you a special look at yet another awesome project: their social change Boot Camp! is all about inspiring teens to change the world, and their boot camp brings together a diverse group of young community leaders (all aged 25 and under) for a day of networking and training dedicated to giving each attendee the tools to grow and sustain their community action ideas, projects, and organizations. Basically, the boot camp is giving teens just like you the motivation, encouragement, and know-how to get out there and change the world—and you can get in on the action by watching the live stream RIGHT HERE. Follow along to learn how you can put your own social change ideas in action—who knows, you might come up with a cause that ALTERS THE UNIVERSE FOREVER. (But just so you know, we already thought of Free Pancakes Fridays, so don't suggest that. It's taken.)

Watch the live stream below, and get involved on Facebook and Twitter (@dosomething) too! IT'S WORLD-CHANGIN' TIME, BUTTS!

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