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How to Play Quidditch

How to Play Quidditch

Before coming to college, I was always told that it was the place to try new and exciting things. I would have unlimited opportunities! I could join any club I want! Throughout the course of my freshmen year, I realized that’s exactly true. So I’m here to talk about my favorite club, one that I joined for the fun but stayed for the awesome: Quidditch.

That’s right, the sport from Harry Potter. (Technically, it’s called Muggle Quidditch, because obviously we can’t replicate the sport exactly from the books without flying broomsticks. ) Anyway, the rules of Quidditch are simple. Here’s a little how-to guide if you want to grab a broomstick and play:

  1. Chasers. They are the players who score the points using the Quaffle, which generally is a volleyball. The Chasers run up the pitch, passing the Quaffle back and forth until they reach the set of three hoops positioned at both ends of the field, where they attempt to score. They get ten points for each successful throw. Here’s the thing about Chasers: they can tackle. Quidditch is a full-on tackle sport!
  2. Beaters. These players thankfully cannot tackle, which means I am Beater most of the time. We get Bludgers (usually two or three dodgeballs), which we throw at opponents like a giant game of dodgeball. If you get hit, you “fall” off your broom and have to run back to your goalposts and touch them before rejoining the game.
  3. Keepers. This position is pretty self-explanatory, except that the Keeper can move up and down the pitch like a Chaser. They can’t get hit by a Bludger until they cross the halfway line on the pitch.
  4. Seekers and the Snitch. The Snitch in the books is a flying gold ball. We don’t have that, so the Snitch in Muggle Quidditch is a human person. In order to catch them, the Seekers have to grab a sock with a ball stuffed in it that hangs off the Snitch’s belt. A Snitch catch ends the game and is worth 30 points. These two positions are a LOT of running; usually cross-country runners tackle these. Why? Because the Snitch can go pretty much anywhere. Trees, buses, dorm rooms, lecture halls…it’s exhausting! Different teams have different boundaries, but ours is basically “don’t go into town.”

That’s pretty much it! Oh yeah, one more important detail: we still have brooms. Instead of flying on them, we put them between our legs and run as fast as we can. I’ve mastered the art of handling the Bludger or Quaffle one-handed. This is a sport where it’s great to be ambidexterous!

Quidditch is meant to be a fun, active sport for all ages. My college team takes it very seriously; we have weekly scrimmages, strategy practices, jerseys, and plays. I love this sport. I look forward to practices every week, I get a great workout, and I got to become friends with a ton of Harry Potter fans! It doesn’t matter how silly it looks, or how many people stop and gawk when we play; it’s about having fun, and we have a blast every week. In case you aren’t convinced about the awesomeness of Quidditch, here’s a great video about it. Brooms up!

Have you ever played Quidditch?

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