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Do You Support Slutty Wednesday?

Do You Support Slutty Wednesday?

Hundred of students at Stuyvesant High School in New York City recently took a stand in a protest they're calling "Slutty Wednesday." Why? Students are saying the dress code is too strict, especially now that it's summer and they need to beat the heat.

Students have various reasons for ditching the clothing restrictions. Some say that dress should have nothing to do with school. Other say it's unrealistic, since their clothes are socially acceptable outside of school. Others say it's impractical, given the summer heat and school's bad AC. And, of course, a couple are sticking to the ever-prevalent it-targets-girls-more-than-boys reasoning. (Which is generally true when it comes to dress codes, but only because boys don't usually wear mini-skirts and spaghetti straps.)

Now, seeing students band together to fight unfairness is pretty cool. High schoolers taking a stand on an issue? Awesome. But there a couple of things I find odd about this whole thing:

  • They picked "Slutty Wednesday" as the name of their protest. Sure, the students are saying it's tongue-in-cheek because it's not slutty, but how many people are going to see that when these kids are purposefully protesting in revealing clothes? It seems a bit too close to the truth.
  • The dress code in question is not actually that strict. There are three basic rules: no rude slogans, no clothes that show off your underwear, and no shorts/dresses/skirts shorter than your fingertips. That still leaves a lot of room for fashion and comfort.

As someone who went to high school and is going to college with much stricter dress codes than that (can anyone say polos and khakis?), I'm betting that a lot of you Sparklers do, too. And that's why I've got a couple questions for YOU:

  1. What's your dress code like? Is it looser or stricter than this?
  2. What's your take on dress codes? Is it okay for schools to place restrictions on what you wear?
  3. Do you think these students were right to protest? Or are they taking an extreme reaction?

Are these students heroes, or are they crazy? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

[Info via HuffPost]

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