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Your Favorite Video Game Characters Bro Out in Disney's WRECK-IT RALPH Trailer

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Your Favorite Video Game Characters Bro Out in Disney's WRECK-IT RALPH Trailer

We all knew that our favorite toys and cartoon characters are sentient beings who hang out at the Ink & Paint Club after hours, chatting about the hottest new stock colors and how much better The Simpsons used to be. Well, Disney has more good news for us: Video Game characters like to bro out, too.

Check out the trailer for Wreck-It Ralph, the animated ballad of an arcade baddy (voiced by the unflappably health-minded John C. Reilly) who becomes jaded with his life of thankless antagonism. He's not alone, either. The opening scene in BAD-ANON, which appears to be an adorable support group for career villains, features King Bowser, Dr. Robotnik, a Pac-Man ghost, Street Fighter's Zangief, and an axe-wielding, life-affirming House of the Dead zombie. But that's wait, there's more!

Zoom into this high-def screen capture from Game Central Station. Beyond the obvious Street Fighter and Q*bert staffers in the foreground (if you ever see someone holding up a sign that says "Will npc in fps 4 food" IRL, please give them some quarters) you can spot a nerdy fantasia of vg references throughout the background. Right above Ralph's outstretched cherry is a shady character who looks more than a hair like Ninja Gaiden, and chilling above him is a stocky koopa-looking dude. Portals on the wall lead to arcade classic Burger Time and DDR. We want to go to there.

Disney's clearly got licensing approval from Nintendo, Capcom, and Konami at the very least. There's no telling who else will show up come the movie's November release. Personally, we'd like to see Master Chief take a blind date with Samus Aran. Long shot, we know. At least we still have our dolls...

What do you think of
Wreck-It Ralph? Who else can you spot in the trailer?

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