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How NOT to Hit On Your Crush This Summer

How NOT to Hit On Your Crush This Summer

You’ve seen it happen on the big screen plenty of times in movies like Grease, Say Anything and Summer Catch—people hook up and have hot flings in the summertime. It’s just how these things work. Are you hoping to reel in your "person" and officially kick off your hot summer of passion? We thought so, and that’s why we know you need a list of what not to do.

Give yourself a summer makeover. This might have worked in Grease, but who even knows what happened to Danny and Sandy in the future? Our guess is that Danny left Sandy at the altar because the disco era was about to start and he wanted to hit the clubs. We recommend that you not pull a Sandy and do a 360 of your look! Trying too hard isn’t natural, and most of the time, people don’t dig it. Effortless is best.

Go public. If you think jumping off the high dive while doing the international sign for “I love you” is going to wow your crush, you are probably wrong. Public declarations put your person too much on the spot. Think of a way to talk to your crush about your feelings that doesn’t involve your entire suburb. If you don’t want to address the dating subject straight on, try little gestures, like letting your crush use the extra towel you brought to the beach. You don’t have to be explicit; s/he'll get the idea from your small hints.

Throw waters balloon at your crush. Sometimes people bully their crushes—they splash them too much in the pool, throw crap at them, and maybe toss an extra hard softball pitch at them. We don’t think this kind of aggressive behavior is very hot. In fact, it kind of scares us. When interacting with your crush at summer parties and get-togethers, try to chill out. Be friendly, approachable and un-hostile. Disarm yourself.

Show off your sunburn. You might think it's fun to peel off your dead skin, but resist the urge to ask your crush if she wants to help out. This is kind of disgusting.

Try to make them jealous. In films, the “I’ll flirt with his friend to make my crush jealous” move always works. But in real life, it falls flat. If you like someone, it’s OK to show him. If you flirt with his friends, your crush will likely think you're not into him. Bottom line is, don't try to get tricky, or you’ll only confuse everyone. And then you may end up going to a midnight movie with a boy you think smells really funky.

Market yourself. Resist the urge to send your crush an email listing all the reasons she should date you. We know the inner dork on you wants to lay it all out logically and vaguely scientifically, but sorry, that's not how this crush thing works. So rip up that Venn diagram, eat that pie chart, and go back to the drawing board (actually, it’s best to avoid any visual aids at this point). Just being yourself should be proof enough that you're awesomely dateable.

Lose heart. Just because your crush hasn’t been barking up your tree during the first week of summer, that doesn't mean your love is doomed. Passionate summertime affairs can start slowly. So keep trying beyond June! The fourth of July is a great time to seal the deal under the fireworks, and make out until your teeth hurt—anything before then is just extra gravy, so remain optimistic.

Do you have a summer crush already? How do you plan to snare him/her?

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