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Sad News: the Trololo Guy Died

Sad News: the Trololo Guy Died

It's time for your Sad News of the Day Update, Sparklers, so get your Teary-Eyed hats out. Eduard Khill, the dude who sings the highly entertaining "Trololo" song died Monday because of a stroke.
The guy was 77 and could still trolo like a boss, so we're pretty sure he deserves a moment of silence and maybe a few more YouTube covers before we can get over this tragedy. In his honor, here are a few of the most memorable trololoing videos. We just can't get over how entertaining it is to watch this dude sing.

The original:

Here's Eduard earlier this year, still at it:

And our favorite spoof video:

And a much-needed Potter-style spoof:

If you're really into it, there's a ten-hour-long loop of this guy out there. Seriously.

[Via Geekologie]

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