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How Should We Feel About Bieber's New Single?

How Should We Feel About Bieber's New Single?

J. Beebs has a new single out, and we're not sure how to feel about it. Help us sort through our emotions!

Admiration. JB's voice sounds grownup and beautiful.

Disorientation. Intellectually, we know we're at our desks, listening to a new single through earbuds. Emotionally, we feel we're in an Italian discoteque, wearing purple pants and dancing spastically.

Disappointment. Ludacris's verse is the very definition of phoning it in.

Tolerance. Is it our imaginations, or is Bieber quietly endorsing equal rights for all? Observe:

'Cuz all around the world, people want to be loved (yeah)
'Cuz all around the world, they're no different than us (no)

That sounds very down-with-DOMA to us, and we dig it.

Happy. What can we say? The breakdown at 1:16 is really doing it for us.

Are we allowed to like "All Around the World"? We won't feel comfortable until we get your co-sign.

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