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How (and Why) You Should Love One Direction

How (and Why) You Should Love One Direction

I’m sure you’ve alllll heard the words “You’re insecure, don’t know what for,” and I know what you're thinking. No, I'm not just another 11 year old girl swooning over “You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful.” Really.

No, I'm 16 years old swooning over a song called “What Makes You Beautiful,” and I have been obsessed with these five beautiful boys since their X-factor days. They’re not just a cookie-cutter auto-tuned boyband; they had to have talent to make it on X-Factor. But more than that, they’ve got PERSONALITY. They’ve got accents, looks, talent, and they make me laugh so hard my abs hurt. Here's a run-down of the guys:

  1. Liam James Payne. Liam is beautiful, chiseled, and his voice makes my knees weak. What we love about “Daddy Direction” is his idiotically adorable twitcams at 2am, his terrible twitter grammar, and his sweet heart of gold. Liam gives me hope for the people at my school because he's so adorable and just such a nice guy.
  2. Harry Edward Styles. The dimples, the voice, AND OH MY GOD THOSE WILD, GLORIOUS CURLS. He's done a lot for people with four nipples (yeah, he’s got four nipples), that cheeky little cougar-chaser (let’s not talk about Miss Caroline Flack, the uber crusty 32-year-old TV presenter who dated Harry when he was only 17 years old). And the whole “I wish I was one of those people who didn’t care what other people thought, but I just don’t think I am” after his mishap at a performance was straightforward and beautiful and totally relateable.
  3. Louis William Tomlinson. First off, his name is "Lou-ie." Lou’s the hilarious—and extremely well dressed—sassmaster that everyone can’t help but adore. He's just himself, no matter what anyone else says or thinks. Lou makes me giggle like a maniac, even on days I don’t feel like giggling at all.
  4. Zayn Javaad Malik. His 45-mile-long eyelashes, super soulful voice, and stupidly adorable accent he puts on sometimes are just beautiful. Zayn is someone many of us can relate to—he's considered “quiet,” but is actually a witty genius.
  5. Niall James Horan. He loves food, like, a lot. Plus he has a ridiculously cute Irish accent that’s adorable, and mesmerizing, spellbindingly blue eyes that are to die for. He shows that being confident all the time is just not necessary, and his jigs onstage and love of Nando’s should make anyone happy.

These boys are super funny and attractive. But they're also really talented—I mean, SIMON of all people supported them. All the interviewers in America ever ask them is if they’re in relationships, what they look for in a girl,  and other stuff like that that’s been asked 47 times already. So if you want to fall in love the right way, here is what you must do:

  • Watch the Video Diaries: You need to watch all of them. The X Factor ones, where you can swoon over their baby faces and cute hair, and then the newer tour ones.
  • Watch their stupid made-up games like Megamind or Spin the Harry or Real Life Fruit Ninja (sometimes I actually wonder if they just sit around and think up stupid things to put on Youtube).
  • Listen to their X Factor Covers: I love their album songs, but you must listen to the X Factor performances. Because sometimes I just miss the boys on the stairs, making video diaries and answering fan questions.
  • Watch The Adventurous Adventures of One Direction: just because it’s a hysterical, strangely realistic cartoon animation.

These guys' success is out of this world, and no one deserves it more than they do. But I kind of miss them being my little secret. I love them and who they are and what they do and the fact that they don’t censor themselves. The inappropriate jokes, the bromances, the obvious love they have for the fans and each other and life is why I’ve loved them so long, and why I waste my life blogging about them.  So if you're going to love them, too,  I want you to do it right. Love them for the right reasons—not because they’re hunky dreamboat stud muffins (though let’s be real, they are), but because they're amazing.

Do you love One Direction this much?

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