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Send in Your Literary Fan Art!

Send in Your Literary Fan Art!

In case you hadn't heard yet, Books Week is happening next week on SparkLife. There are plenty of ways you can get involved, but thanks to, we have a new one: send us your fan art!We know for a FACT that plenty of you Sparklers are talented artists, and we know for another fact that YOU LOVE BOOKS. And since we're 103% sure that you guys combine those two things, WE WANT TO SEE. So pull out all those drawings of Harry Potter smushing faces with Katniss (come on, we KNOW you have them) and email a picture (preferably in jpeg format) in to

Come, all ye glorious artists (and not-so-glorious artists!) and send us your fan art! We'll just be sitting here daydreaming about the magnificent slideshow that's in the works.

Wait! You're not all artists? That's okay--click here to see how else you can be involved in Books Week!

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