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Heroes Up for Grabs: MTV 2012 Movie Awards

Heroes Up for Grabs: MTV 2012 Movie Awards

Everybody needs a hero. Even if you don’t admit it, at the back of your mind there must be a craving for somebody who could make your life so much easier in a flash. Now the problem lies in choosing your favorite. This year, MTV presented us with a gourmet choice of heroes that span from child-like to heartthrobs. But before you dive in to vote, let us assess the competition.

5. Jenko from 21 JumpStreetOfficially starting out as a TV series in the 80’s, this role jump-started (see what I did there!) the career of Johnny Depp. The modern blockbuster of 2012 explores the genre of action comedy with Channing Tatum as the infamous Jenko. Channing Tatum so far has kept a healthy balance in between genres, acting in dance-chick-flicks like Step-Up to tear-jerkers like Dear John. But what is he like as a hero? Acting as a muscly jock gives him a head start definitely, but does he have that spark that will tell him apart from the adrenaline junky, stereotypical, action movie heroes? It’s up to you to decide whether you’re taken over by the charm and strength of this would-be Average Joe.

4. Thor: Norse mythology gets a flighty upgrade from Hollywood. He’s a bit clumsy and slightly chunky, but if he can break the ice with Natalie Portman, then he can definitely gain respect from us. Hot-headed at the beginning and actually quite annoying as he fights the frost giants with little preparation, he changes after meeting a research professor while exiled to another planet. Now isn’t that sweet? Throughout the whole movie he fights with his mighty Mjollnir and manages to reclaim his status as the god of thunder. If you’re up for strong golden-boys who have it made, then this is your perfect candidate.

3. Captain America: Chris Evans takes patriotism to a new level, leaving us shouting for America until the very end. He is scrawny-gone-brawny, an American man with a dream that leads him to heroic feats. Certain technological advances are involved in making him a bit more, um… ripped, but he's still a humble leader, ready to sacrifice his life for his country. Personally, he would be my choice; his American pride even affected me, and I’m Russian.

2. Katniss Everdeen: Are you surprised? Not in the slightest. Her influence has taken all the nations by storm. Even if you haven’t watched the movie, you must have read the books or at least heard about it from an addicted fan. Very much the underdog at the beginning of the movie, she matures into someone able to challenge the Capitol. She is strong-willed, determined and ready to see the corruption of her state. Causing an uprising wherever she goes, she represents hope for a betrayed people. She deserves this place as the only female hero who managed to break through to the awards.

1. Harry Potter: The magic phenomenon has taken many through their childhood. Aided by his best friends, Harry has become the unofficial ruler of the world of magic. He has dominated our bookshelves since 1997 and our screens for a solid decade. Daniel Radcliffe—the face of the ultimate wizard—has done him justice. He stands so far as the most likely candidate for the hero of heroes.He has both brains and brawn with a school life that could rival anyone’s. His awe-inspiring journey has firmly gripped our hearts and it would be unlikely that many would try voting against him.

Who's your choice for Hero of the Year? Spoiler alert: Our very favorite wizard took home the prize at last night's awards, and we wouldn't have it any other way!

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