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Doctor Who Fans Are Taking Over the World...

Doctor Who Fans Are Taking Over the World...

Well, one road sign at a time. Without being a Whovian, I still find this to be an awesome prank, which means I'm sure all ye Spark-vians out there will appreciate it. Some Doctor Who fans in Boulder, Colorado, managed to hack one of those electronic road signs, making it display "WARNING DALEKS AHEAD" instead of whatever useless message it otherwise displayed. Apparently, a similar situation happened last year (the sign read "WARNING ZOMBIES AHEAD"), but officials are baffled this year since they took precautions and left the sign locked up.

However they did it (Doctor Who awesome power, maybe?), you have to love this prank. And also kind of laugh at the commenter on this article (click to see the picture) who thinks it's a lame prank because nobody knows anything about Daleks. HA!

Don't you just love pop-culture pranks?

[Thanks to Aubrey and Daily Camera News]

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