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A Day in the Life of a Cake Icer

A Day in the Life of a Cake Icer

As you may know, I currently work as a cake decorator in a bakery in a grocery store. (Kinda. I’m a cake decorator in training. I’ll probably put in on my resume as a paid internship.) And, as I really need to pay tuition, that’s pretty much all I’m doing this summer. Seriously. This past week, I worked 48 hours, all the same shift: 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. Yay….

5:00AM: I despise my alarm clock.
5:45: Was I awake for 45 minutes and didn’t realize it?
5:58: I’m walking out the door, and the Piggly Wiggly is 3 minutes away. Not bad.
6:00: My coworkers have been here for 3 hours…  how is this legal?
6:08: My manager just cheerily wished me a good morning. Grunting, I feel, is an appropriate response.
6:24: Cookies. They are baking pans and pans of cookies. Doughnuts, too. 3 feet away from me.
6:30:  Someone just handed me a massive knife. This can’t be safe.
9:00: Data unavailable due to lack of memory. Diagnosis: this is all a dream. Within a dream. Like Inception.
9:45: Crap. I frosted and decorated 16 (VERY SMALL) Oreo tortes in almost 4 hours. There are 25 full-sized sheet cakes to be finished by the weekend.  I guess it’s time to actually work now.
10:09: Note to all graduating seniors: learn how to bake your own cakes. I hate you all.
10:30: The past 4-ish hours were a blur, but I guess I’ve earned a break? Salami sandwich, here I come…
10:52: You’d think that, after smelling cookies all morning, I’d want one,  but nothing sounds more unappealing. The first casualty of working in a bakery is that you lose all appetite for baked goods. Which I guess is ideal if you’re trying to lose weight, but if you had previously enjoyed baked goods as much as I did, it’s fairly depressing.
11:08: As I am not yet a fully-fledged cake decorator (there are rites one has to go through to get there, involving the sacrifice of only a few small mammals), I just get to base-ice the graduation cakes.
11:41: I swear incessantly under my breath as I manage to mess up base-icing a cake. Which is every other cake or so.
12:18: If you order a double white sheet cake with raspberry filling and cream cheese frosting, you will get an entire bakery (and deli; we called them over to witness the atrocity) to despise you. And likely, whomever you’re feeding it to. In this case, the 8th grade class. May God have mercy on your soul.
1:00: 1 hour left. I frantically try to base-ice the cakes faster than the decorator decorates them. How is that it takes me longer to spread icing on a cake that it does for her to conjure flowers out of nowhere?
1:35: Huh. 8 hours isn’t that bad after all.
1:49: Must. Clean. Everything.
1:58: Rinsing counts as cleaning, right?
1:59: I can wipe this frosting-covered counter with a dry rag, right?
2:00 DONE. I sprint to my car, making eye contact with nobody in the grocery store, lest they try to talk to me.

Ginger’s Song of the Week:
Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes released their second album a few days ago; while I’d recommend listening to the whole thing, that might make you a hipster. So just listen to this song. It’s excellent.

This job sounds fun to us! Agree?

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