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The Les Miserables Cast Is Perfect!

The Les Miserables Cast Is Perfect!

A few things about the upcoming film Les Miserables are completely clear. It seems like it intends to stick at least somewhat to the musical's storyline—a must. It will have many cute kids—a plus. Other than this, there is little known, but one thing is very evident; the movie will mix Hollywood and Broadway talent.

Hollywood: Anne Hathaway is Fantine. Hathaway seems to be the go-to actress for dangerous, morally questionable women right now, which we understand. She's had stage experience, but not musical experience. Her performance of "I Dreamed a Dream" wasn't terrible, though.

Broadway: Hugh Jackman is Valjean. Hold up, hold up! Yes, he's a Hollywood actor, but he's also performed in shows at West End and received an Olivier award. And he's Australian. I'm not sure what that means except that his smile makes you happy. That's what Australian smiles do.

Hollywood: Amanda Seyfried is Cosette. She has her musical chops (unlike Jackman, who has literal chops) from films like Mamma Mia! Also, we've always imagined Cosette with big eyes.

Broadway: Samantha Barks is Eponine. After giving a fantastic portrayal of Eponine in the 25th Anniversary Concert, she just had to be back for the high stakes. Unfortunately, she seems to be horribly thin...but she has an excuse! Underfed street urchin, right?

Hollywood: Russell Crowe is Javert. He can sing too? This is crazy! Hollywood is starting to seem somewhat awesome.

Broadway: Colm Wilkinson is the Bishop! This is whatever you want to call it—a shout out, a scream out, a make out with die-hard Les Mis fans. Wilkinson was the first Valjean, and the 10th Anniversary Concert Valjean, and really the true Valjean. But he's a little old now to be playing the convict, so we understand and totally love this re-cast.

What do you think of the Les Mis casting?

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