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The Friday Awards (No, You're Not Getting a Dragon)

The Friday Awards (No, You're Not Getting a Dragon)

It appears we underestimated your decoding talents once again, Sparklers, because we made our secret message so easy it confused most of you. Not to worry, though—we'll make them nice and challenging from here on out.

And, while we're talking about the secret message, we regret to inform you that none of you will be receiving a dragon in the mail. You see, although we do have dragons, we certainly won't be giving them away. After all, we need them to guard our office dungeons. And no, we won't be posting any pictures of them, either. Dragons are very private about that sort of thing. Now, on to the Friwards!

But before we begin, let's all wish a very happy birthday to sarahthesaltedslug!

The Username of the Week Award goes to killedbypïnguins.

The Strategic Genius Award goes to PlathAddict16 for her comment on the how to talk to boys post:

“My cowardly tip? Strategically drop a folder as you walk past and let your papers fly all over the place. If he's nice, he'll help you pick them up, then you can non awkwardly say "Thanks! Want to sit here/can I sit here?" and point next to you/him. If he gets on the bus after you, strategically bump a folder that just happens to be precariously perched on the seat and repeat the aforementioned steps.

Yes, I am a major coward who is incapable of talking to guys without a reason. But I am also a champion paper dropper.”

The Sorry We Called You a Girl Award goes to Telemachus2012, who is a guy. Sorry, dude.

The Award for the Most Cat Puns goes to soccer2rules<333 for her comment on this post:

“so will this evening turn into a CAT-astrophe? or will it be a PURRFECT night? Was the Joker just kitten? or was he being SO serious? Check back later to CAT-ch up on the news!

Thank you citizens of Gotham City! Cat-ch ya later”

The Super Poet Award goes to Bookweirm for her comment on the SWATH post:


And so the wings set forth on a new path of self-discovery
Where the moon followed the girl
Whose head was up in the stars
In the beginning there were only a few bits of evidence
To the game of hope
And the tables were turned
With a curl of the axe
Time was diminished
In its sphere of nothingness
While the puppy whined a deluge of sorrow
and the trophy floated away to the currents
eddying away to the precipice of time
and the locks uncurled, returning to their lackluster
but it was for naught, for the roaring wind died

SOMEHOW you have to see that this totally relates to SWATH and it will strike a chord in your being and you will KNOW that SWATH is the best movie ever and there can't be JUST a mere 10 reasons for wanting to see it

OR you could do what I did, pound out a random comment and then have your eyes glaze over as you try to understand it... *eyes are glazed over from the moment she started writing her poem*”

And LOL Points go to...

YourBareFootCinderella for her comment on the profile pics post:

“Gee... I always thought that my profile picture indicated that I have an unhealthy obsession with Peeta. Now I know otherwise...”

Miki-ayla for this comment:

“I had something I was going to say......but now I can't remember for the life of me what it was. I really hate it when that happens. Maybe Gary has a brother that runs around stealing people's thoughts.....”

VirginiaBFW17 for her comment on the fiction tips post:

“I really want a pen like the one in the picture. I wouldn't have a problem finishing the stories I start if I had the privilege of writing with such an awesome feather.”

SecretSparkler for her comment on the LD Gifts post:

“So that means that my right ear is an okay gift, right? I was planning on sending it with a note that says "I wish you were right 'ear with me" Isn't that cute? Jk, jk, I'm actually not deranged.”

ulikethisname for his comment on the same post:

“Actually if you're gonna send a potato, people in Peru do that! I went to peru on vacation and they said that the andes people work in fields most of the day and that when someone likes someone else they chuck a potato or corn at them.”

Bob the Tomato for this comment:


I guess I can't finish my practice test now that I don't have my lucky pencil.”

NATM4000 for her comment on this Auntie post:

“I think the same way, people who refuse to eat cake are so annoying! Wait... Sorry, I saw the word "cake" and misinterpreted your whole comment.”

Naturelover100 for her comment on the friend-dumping post:

“Or you could just make invisible robot dinosaurs eat your friend. Problem solved for good.”

Caracupcakes for her comment on the Les Mis trailer:

“Hmm. I must practice my French Revolution face. Mine seems to have been lacking a few wheelbarrows of Raspberry Jam.”

A_free_elf for her comment on the fictional characters post:

“So THAT explains my urge to collect old socks after reading HP2!”

Aradan for his comment on the Mayan post:

“Mayans weren't counting down for the apocalypse... they were counting down for the Hobbit!”

LuckyCharmsLizz for her comment on the novel post:

“My mom has bright blue eyes, my sister has green eyes, and I have brown eyes. Clearly I'm adopted! Clearly my real family is a mystery! Last weekend I experienced some trippy vertigo in which the room spun and everything turned purple and fuzzy.

The answer: I am actually royalty. However, a rival faction is after me, and this rival faction has an evil sorcerer on their side who is out to get me, so I was sent away to live with a family in "California", and my memory was wiped so that I would not endanger myself. I'm just waiting for an achingly beautiful boy to show up and inform me of my real life.”

And to nonickname34 for her comment on the beach post:

“Awww, Sparklife, you got my hopes up, and then brought them crashing down in many flaming bits. Until hamster balls become a viable means of day-to-day transportation, I will never be able to rationalize spending that much on one”

Want your own Friward? Then keep commenting! And congrats to all the Friampions!

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