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Good News for Jailed Teen!

Good News for Jailed Teen!

We're happy to report that a little bit of our faith in humanity has been restored, Sparklers. Remember Diane Tran, the 17-year-old who went to jail for missing too much school (while taking care of her siblings/working 2 jobs)? Well, things are looking up for her.

The judge who sentenced Tran has revoked her contempt of court charge, which clears up her criminal record nicely—something Tran was reasonably worried about for her college applications. In addition, a charity started for Tran has raised over $100,000, all of which will go directly to Tran in the next few days. Hopefully, that'll keep her from having to work so much in the future! (Not to mention go toward her college expenses?)

Here's what we're taking away from this:

  1. Yay! There are good people in the world. We're also hoping that all this media attention manages to get some close, caring adult attention into Tran's life.
  2. The court system might be a bit screwy. The judge seems not to have known very much about Tran's personal situation before he sentenced her. Perhaps he'll pay more attention to troubled teens who cross his path in the future? Either way, props for him for doing the right thing and making the recall.

What's your opinion on this whole situation?

[Info via HuffPost]

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