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Cheap Workouts to Try This Summer

Cheap Workouts to Try This Summer

While we think everyone, no matter what their body shape is, is totally flabulous, it never hurts to get in shape—especially in the summer! Want to rock itty bitty shorts without being self-conscience about your thighs touching? Want to develop an ab or two to show off in your swimsuit? Here are some cool workouts to try this summer. Biking. You can cover a lot of ground by biking, which makes the whole exercise thing pretty enjoyable. Do some investigation and see if your city or town has any trails suited for biking; this will make for a scenic trip. You can even make a day out of it. Grab a friend or a lover, pack a picnic, and sweat a little. And we don’t want to sound like your mom, but please don't forget to wear a helmet.

Jogging. Running is a simple, free way to keep in shape. You don’t need a gym membership—just two legs that work and a pair of gym shoes. If you aren’t a runner per se, don’t sweat it; you can slowly work on increasing your stamina. Check out the From Couch to 5K Plan. It makes the whole becoming-a-runner thing seem a lot less daunting. After you begin training on your own, consider signing up for a 5K run this summer. They usually aren’t very competitive (unless you want them to be!)—they're really just fun runs for fun people who enjoy working on their fitness.

Hiking. Hey hippie chick, this is perfect exercise for the crunchy people who like to get out and get into nature. Check out some local areas, like a state park, where you can go for a long hike with a few friends or family members. According to’s little fitness calorie counter, if a female weighing 150 pounds hikes for an hour, she will burn about 428 calories. If you plan on exploring for a few hours, make sure to load up on lots of protein—bring some granola bars, fruit,s and other crunchy munchies.

Jumping rope. This isn’t child play—jumping rope is tough stuff! After a run or some weight lifting, tack on this activity for a little extra full body workout. Jumping rope is great because you work all the muscles in your arms and legs, plus your abs, back, butt, and more. It’s highly effective for weight loss, too.

Outdoor yoga classes. Sometimes your mind needs a little TLC. Yoga is a great way to relax your mind while you work on your fitness. It's useful for people who run and lift weights, because it helps loosen them up and keep the muscles from getting too tight. In many cities, yoga classes are offered in beaches, prairies, forest preserves and other scenic locations. It’s something that you should definitely take advantage of, so do a little investigation and GOOGLE IT NOW.

Swimming. Who doesn’t like getting wet when the weather is warm?!? Try lap swimming to get a leaner look this summer. One of the benefits of hitting the pool is that weightlessness you experience in h20 (if only this happened on land, too). This weightlessness is great because as you swim, burning calories and working your muscles, your joints aren’t even feeling it. They get a much needed break—especially helpful if you've been pumping iron the day before. Another benefit to swimming? You’ll probably be surrounded by some fresh MEAT in bathing suits, hey-OH!

Just get off that couch. Whatever you do, don’t sit inside too much during the beautiful summer weather. Even if you aren’t up for quote unquote “exercise,” it’s important to live a more active lifestyle. Get out and take a walk around the neighborhood, spend all day on your feet at the zoo, or get in some vigorous shopping at the mall.

Do you work out more in the summer?

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