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Blogging Disney: Peter Pan

Blogging Disney: Peter Pan

Did you know that when Disney released Peter Pan, it was the first time Peter had ever been portrayed by a male actor? Disney helped Peter Pan grow a pair.

But first, here's some of my favorite comments about last week's movie, Alice in Wonderland:

ArinFlameSeer said:

"Q9: It's the United Communist States of Wonderland (UCSW). It is not spoken of much, and one does not simply ask."

PlathAddict16 said:

"I love Alice in Wonderland. Not just as a film, but because it's really brilliant satire if you think about the symbolism in terms of when it was written. As a kid, I wasn't crazy about it, but now that I'm older I really like it.

My two cents on why she followed? If we accept that rabbits are often symbols of fertility and rebirth, and take into account Alice is 11-13, her following the rabbit could be construed as her first steps into a new identity as a woman and all it involves."

WhiteEyedCat said:

"I liked Alice in Wonderland when I was young, but the copy that I had was the 1999 tv movie with the girl from Napoleon Dynamite. For some reason all of the animals were just people dressed up as animals, which I am convinced is the root of my fear of anthropomorphic animals."

Now, to quote Peter Pan... here we gooooooooooooo!

1. Is it just me, or is Wendy Alice's twin? She looks and sounds exactly like her. And Wendy's mom seems to be exactly the same as Alice's tutor. And both Wendy and Alice star in whimsical tales! And they both go to "something"-lands! Oh my God. I just discovered...something big. Something really big.

2. Why are Disney Dads always either dead or goofy? Think about George Darling. Princess Aurora's dad. The King from Cinderella. Geppetto. Now think about Cinderella's dad. Tarzan's dad. Although there does seems to be a third category of stinkin' awesome dads, like King Triton or the King of the Forest.

3. Why is Tink so scary in the beginning? Honestly, Tink scares me until the end. The fact that she's tiny just makes her scarier. Her anger scares me, and later on her stupidity scares me. But, thankfully, she redeems herself in the end.

4. Big one: How come Pan can fly when the rest of the Lost Boys and Michael and John and Wendy can't without pixie dust? At least, you never see the Lost Boys flying, and Wendy, John and Michael's pixie dust seems to wear off after a while. Does Pan have a pixie gland that excretes pixie dust into his system? Is he just way better at thinking of happy thoughts?

5. Why did the one kid get the skunk suit? Did they give it to him because he has nasty powerful diarrhea?

6. Why is John racist? "The Indian is cunning, but not intelligent"? Come now, John.

7. Peter Pan wouldn't be a good boyfriend. So why is every girl so viciously crazy about him? Girls try to drown and kill the competition for Peter's affection throughout the movie, whether it's Tinkerbell or the mermaids or Wendy. Is Peter that great of a catch? From the way he lets the mermaids splash Wendy to how he doesn't listen to members of the opposite sex, he doesn't seem like a catch. But I guess that's just the way girls are.

8. What makes the red man red? And I can't decide if the whole Indian scene is racist or not.

9. Can someone teach me to play the piano with a hook? I know it's a harpsichord. I still want to learn.

10. Can Hook semi-levitate? Twice in the movie he starts to fall off a platform, flails around in the air, and actually moves up to grab onto the platform.

11. How is Hook so acrobatic when escaping the crocodile, but so slow and clumsy when fighting Pan? Sure, he's fighting for life and death, but still. And sometimes Pan actually seems stronger than Hook. But Hook has prodigious strength; multiple times he holds the crocodile's mouth open with his arms or his legs, and one time he gives Smee's rowboat such a kick that he actually sends it skipping across the water.

12. Is it supposed to be symbolic that Captain Hook and the kids' Dad is voiced by the same guy? I really can't decide on this one.

Why Kids Should Watch This Flick: Peter Pan is out of this world. Neverland is not unsettling or weird like Wonderland can be; it's pure fun and adventure. It's a celebration of childhood and never growing up, and kids should always celebrate their childhood. Yay!

Next week: Lady and the Tramp!

What do you think of Peter Pan?

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