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5 Things We All Love About SparkLife

5 Things We All Love About SparkLife

If you're reading this post, you're (clearly) on SparkLife. And if you're on SparkLife, then you definitely love it, because how could you not? But there are some things that we love more than others, so here are five of what I think are the most loveable parts of SparkLife...

  1. The Sparklers/Manklers/Spurklers. We Sparklers come from many different parts of the world with many different views and beliefs. Yet we still managed to put aside our differences and work together to find a cure for Chelsea Dagger's sweating problem. That is something that we should be proud!
  2. Sparkitors/Sploggers. Just admit it guys, without them, we wouldn't be here. They deserve at least a lot of credit. Plus they're funny, amazing, and totes adorbs. (Ed. note: we may have added that last bit.) How could anyone ever not love Auntie SparkNotes, Chelsea Dagger (even if she does sweat a lot), Jono, Miss Marm, Dan Bergstein, and the rest of the crew?
  3. The Open Thread. The OT is where the magic happens. It's a place where Sparklers  can share their deep thoughts about elbows, Gary, and  cabbages with each other. It's full of love, e-hugs, and helpful advice. Trust me on this guys, awesomesauceness is contagious. There is no vaccine against it.
  4. The Friday Awards. The Friday Awards just give us one more reason to comment on every single article on SparkLife. And come on, who doesn't love the chance to win an award every week? No one, that's who.
  5. The Debates. Sparklers are made up of very generous and helpful people. Therefore, we cannot resist the temptation to give everyone else our opinion about everything. Whether it's about boring stuff like politics and religion, or controversial stuff like whether Katniss is better than Hermione, we Sparklers know how to have a feisty debate ... while still being (mostly) conscientious of each other's differing opinions.

Post by Anggik, who must know that we can never resist flattery!

What's your favorite thing about SparkLife?

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