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Your School Could Start Stalking You

Your School Could Start Stalking You

Who's ready to hear about the creepiest new thing to come out of the school systems?! A public school in San Antonio, Texas, has approved a trial period for a student-tracking system, meant to keep tabs on where students are during the school day.

Basically, the students have ID tags they're required to carry at all times. The tags are traceable by radio frequency signals, which will tell school administrators exactly where their students are. Anyone else a bit worried?

The school claims the system is being put in place to help increase school revenues—by stopping students from skipping class, they increase attendance, which increases government funding.

This same system was proposed in California a couple years ago, where it was promptly shut down. And we can see why! Not to get all Big-brother Apocalypse, but doesn't this seem like a huge invasion of privacy? If the school system can justify this now, should we be worried about everyone doing this all the time in the future?

And besides, if the school is looking to make more money, maybe they should start by stopping this half-million dollar project. Just sayin'. Now please excuse us while we go add this to the growing list of reasons we're glad we're out of high school.

Is anyone else worried by this safety system?

[info via DailyTech]

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