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What to Bring to the Beach, and What To Leave at Home

What to Bring to the Beach, and What To Leave at Home

While going to the beach is the ultimate laid-back activity, getting ready to go can actually be kind of stressful. And we don’t want you to stress out during the summer (unless you’re taking summer school, you sucka!), so we did the thinking for you. Here are the best beach essentials—and the things you can do without.

Do bring...

The basics. Towel. Check. Flip-flops. Double check. Huge floppy sun hat. Why not? Start shoving all of this into a bright neon bag!

A hot car. How you supposed to score some good-looking companionship if you pull up in your mom’s old Saturn? Whoever has the Jeep or access to their dad’s little convertible needs to be your designated driver, otherwise you will die without being kissed on the beach, just warning ya.

Frisbees and other stuff to throw. Bust out all off your balls—footballs, beach balls, and those little squishy ones you can squeeze the water out of. If you find yourself with an extra wad of summer cash begging to be spent, we think this inflatable hamster ball would make you a beach star.

Sunscreen. Because nothing is less attractive than painfully red skin. The only thing that should be slightly burned is your toast!

Music. Set the mood for a carefree day at the beach and load up your iPod with plenty of summer songs. Remember to bring a stereo so that your friends can enjoy your playlist, too—you don’t want to be stuck using your ear buds and missing out on the beach gossip and gabbing. (Make sure you bring your friends, too.)

Extra underwear. Because sometimes sand gets in places that God never intended sand to get in.

Sunglasses. Unless you like developing cataracts as some sort of weird science experiment, bring these or be blind.

Don’t bring…

Makeup. If you show up the beach with a bag of face stuff, you are straight up tripping. First of all, all your lipsticks are going to melt. Also, makeup is outlawed at the beach. Embrace the fact that the beach is all about being au naturel.

Your charges. If you’re a nanny or babysitter this summer and you haven’t gotten permission from the ‘rents, it’s not a good idea to bring the babies to the beach. Save the beach for a day when you are off! If you are allowed to bring your kiddies, make sure they have floaties and sunscreen, and that you aren’t checking out any beach meat—keep your eyes on them ALL THE TIME.

Homework. We know all you nerds want to be productive little multi-taskers, but sometimes you just need a break. Save the summer reading for another time and bond with your buddies. It’s only June; you've got plenty of time to read “Great Expectations" later.

Your cares. You're not supposed to have any—it’s SUMMER and you’re at the beach. ENJOY IT!!!

Anything else you should stuff in your beach bag? Let us know what junk you've got in your Jeep's trunk.

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