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The Problems with Harry Potter

The Problems with Harry Potter

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that J.K. Rowling is a God-like GENIUS who should receive nothing but unlimited adoration from the entire human race. The only reason I'm establishing that is so later on in this post, when you feel like flattening me with a large spatula, you have a reason to hold back.

Why the need for protection? Well, I've found a couple flaws in the HP series, and I'm here to point them out to you. PLEASE HOLD ON TO YOUR SPATULAS UNTIL THE END!

So, we all know that Voldemort is an evil, evil guy who spent many, many years mercilessly killing lots and lots of people. BUT THEN, one day Lily Potter put a stop to all that by dying for her son and somehow creating a magical protection-spell. And that begs my first question: why was Lily the first magical person to consciously decide to die to protect someone she loved?

Over the course of Voldy's many years spent Avada Kedavra-ing people, surely SOMEONE would have chosen to face the killing curse rather than see their loved one get murdered. Was Lily the first one to actually love someone? Why didn't James dying for Lily do the same thing? Maybe there’s a simple explanation to this; maybe Lily had some kind of special lotion that made her love people way more than every other person in the universe. Or maybe she just crossed her fingers, tapped her heels together three times, and thought about butterflies.

And now my second point: why aren’t love potions illegal?!! We all know what happens when people get jiggy under the influence of love potions. That’s right; Voldemort happens. And even when he doesn’t, people are still having being taken advantage of in a rather creepy, stalker-like way. Nothing good ever comes from a love potion. You either create an evil, love-numb psychopath or you get poisoned like poor old Ron.

And thirdly! There's a small problem with HP being set in the real world. Namely, the books sometimes act like Voldy is the only source of evil in the magical world. What happens after he's gone? Is crime in the magically world over? Will there be a new super villain?

Now, don't get me wrong. I absolutely love Harry Potter, and I'm a proud Ravenclaw.  I just also happen to think I've got a point or two going for me here.

Post by  insanity_prawn_boy.

What do you think guys? Is there any merit to these arguments?

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