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The Hit List: Mutemath

The Hit List: Mutemath

Yes, my friends, I'm back on the Hit List! I think I've had a long enough break, and I'm bringing it back. I've noticed that you guys really haven't expressed a ton of interest in the really, really hipster bands I write about, so this time I picked a more popular band: Mutemath. And if you haven't at least heard of these guys, then, well, it might be time to leave the cave.

Mutemath is an interesting band. On Facebook, they list their genre as "Other/Other/Other". If I had to describe them, I'd probably say they're a blend of dance and indie rock with some old-school edge. Whatever genre they are, they're really fun to listen to! They have one of the best singers out there, and they're all really talented musicians.

"Typical": Mutemath is most definitely not typical. This was their first single, and it really described them well as a band. It's about not wanting to be just like everyone else and staying unique.

: This song is fast and fun. And the faster Mutemath gets, the more fun they are. It's a cool blend of sounds and voices. The song's about having hope when everything is breaking down.

"Noticed": I love the chorus on this song. The guitars are just freaking amazing. This one's a lot more dance-influenced, and the beats are pretty infectious. Paul Meany's singing is phenomenal on this one, too.

"Spotlight": You might have heard this one from Twilight. But it's a lot better than Twilight. It's fast and fun and never boring. Paul hits the top of his range here, too. He needs to sing on American Idol someday; he'd win by a landslide.

"The Nerve"
: This song is just pure dance. It's all about how it's our fault that the world is in the shape it's in today. Play this one at your next party and watch the people start jumping.

"Odd Soul"
: This is one of the band's newest songs, and it's very different. It's a bit more of a rock song, though a very, very bluesy one. It's kind of a sequel to Typical, actually--it's about not being typical.

Mutemath's latest album Odd Soul is out now, and also check out Armistice and their self-titled debut, all from Teleprompt Records.

What do you think? Sound like your newest iPod addition?

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