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HOT Trailer Alert: The Bourne Legacy (Starring Chelsea Dagger's Future Boyfriend)

HOT Trailer Alert: The Bourne Legacy (Starring Chelsea Dagger's Future Boyfriend)

COULD THIS WEEK GET ANY COOLER?! Only if pancakes became legal tender. Barring that, it'd be hard to beat in terms of awesomeness—because yesterday we got our first look at Les Miserables, tomorrow is the release  of Snow White and the Huntsman, and today I am bequeathing unto your lucky butts the brand new, totally badass BOURNE LEGACY trailer, which stars my once (false) and future (it could happen) king/boyfriend/obsessive celebrity crush, Jeremy Renner.  I shan't waste time by explaining any further. Just press play and LET THE SWEATY MOTORCYCLE PUNCH FACTORY FIGHT SCENES BEGIN.

My favorite part of this trailer? All the parts, obviously. But especially the part when Jeremy Renner asks Rachel Weisz, "Do you wanna live?" at which point I screamed out: "I JUST WANNA LOVE YOU, JEREMEY. LET ME LOVE YOU."

Are you totally pumped for August 3? I AM TOTALLY PUMPED, IN CASE YOU COULDN'T TELL.

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