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10 Signs You Might Be Living In a YA Novel

10 Signs You Might Be Living In a YA Novel

1. Something strange is going on. Animals are looking at you sideways. Things fall off desks when you walk by. You have a sudden hankering for red meat, and you wake up with muddy feet. Did you recently have a birthday? We bet all this funny business started right after that.

2. Look in the mirror: Do you have green eyes? If not, does your crush? While less than 2% of the population has green eyes, independent studies have revealed that 90% of them are currently living in a YA novel.

3. You have next to no adult supervision in your life. Whether your adult guardian (there's probably only one) is missing, working long hours, off fighting werewolves, or just plain clueless, you're left to your own devices most of the time. This leaves you free to do activities including but not limited to marrying a ghost, overthrowing a postapocalyptic government, and driving a pickup truck while texting, clutching a giant iced coffee, and thinking soulfully about souls.

4. Within the past few weeks, two hot, adoring guys have come into your life. If one is a dark-haired bad boy and the other a mischievous yet trustworthy blond, just accept that you're living in a YA novel now, and cross your fingers it's a series.

5. You or someone you know is named Cam, Cameron, or Cammie. If it's not you, it's probably your boyfriend.

6. Your best friend's personality can be described in three words or less. Quirky artist! Boy-crazy gossip! Overachieving tightwad!

7. Your world's looking a little bit...whitewashed.
And if you do know someone of color, they likely have skin that one might asininely compare to a cafe au lait, mocha, or other beverage currently sold at Starbucks. (Note: If people are looking even whiter than usual, you may be living in a YA novel about vampires. Or zombies. We're sorry.)

8. You have an archnemesis. We hate to break it to you, but most people don't have to deal with someone who is singlemindedly devoted to ruining their life. This goes double if you were inadvertently responsible for your archnemesis becoming a mutant/losing control of their space colony/falling out of their dress at prom.

9. You just found out you're descended from a race of creatures that has something to do with souls. Or angels, or demons, or vampires, or seeking, or protecting, or vengeance. If your family photo album is actually a skin-bound Necronomicon you found in a cave, you're probably living in a YA novel.

10. Your friends keep saying things like, "Either I send him south in handcuffs or in a Chicago overcoat.
" Wait a might actually be living in a noir. Lucky!

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