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The Trailer for Les Miserables is HERE!

The Trailer for Les Miserables is HERE!

Remember back in the day when you guys had CODE RED PANIC ATTACKS over the news that Les Miserables was soon to become a major motion picture? You gave the distinct impression (by stating it outright) that if Hollywood botched this beloved classic, you would introduce them to a world of hurt. Well, put down your crossbows and cease fire with your chocolate-filled croissants, butts, because this trailer is bordering—bordering—on PHENOMENAL.

In fact—and  I may never live this comment down, but I'm going to say it anyway—I actually got goosebumps when I heard Anne Hathaway (aka Fantine) sing the opening verses of "I Dreamed a Dream." Girl has a set of PIPES on her, there's no disputing that. And everything else—from the costumes to the set to the star-studded cast—seems pitch-perfect to me. But the truth is, I'm not a die-hard Les Mis fan (in fact, I have it on good authority that die-hard fans would beat me soundly with baguettes for using the abbreviation Les Mis). I can't say whether this movie will live up to expectations, because I don't have any; mostly, I just want to see Eddy Redmayne, Hugh Jackman, and Russell Crowe perform elaborately-choreographed dance numbers while wearing jaunty hats and singing in French accents. So I'll leave the judging to you, the experts; press play and get your French Revolution face on. (Hint: A good French Revolution face is composed of copious grimacing, a hint of aristocracy, and several wheelbarrows full of raspberry jam.)

So, what did you think? Does it live up to your HIGH expectations? How do you feel about the casting now that you've gotten a glimpse at the stars in their roles? Don't you think Anne Hathaway's voice is GORGEOUS and heartbreaking all at once?

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