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Metalhead Update: Things Are Happening!

Metalhead Update: Things Are Happening!

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So, I have some cool news for you guys. First of all, Lindsay (who you've probably met by now) and I have a bit of a scheme. Seeing as our Drama teacher/director/etc. is pretty involved in everybody's love life and is actually pretty helpful, I have given Lindsay the go-ahead to let slip my crush on Natasha to her. We'll just see where that goes.On Monday I learned that if you write a song about someone, tell them that it's about them, and then (with their permission) tell everyone else it's about them, it really works in your favor. If you do it right, they—and everyone else—will really like you. How do I know this? I wrote and recorded a song called "Good Times" about my friend Shea and the fun times we had over the last year. She absolutely loved it, as did many of my friends. Now I'm feeling good about my friends AND my music career!

What else is going on?  Well, it's almost time for exams, and the only tough one is going to be AP English. But whatever; it's been a good year and I love my AP English class most of all. My teacher and classmates are awesome.

Thursday is Film Fest. I'm showing an extended version of the music video I made for my song a couple of months ago. And Saturday, my photographer friend and I are going to Bond Park and she's taking pictures of me. Fun times.

And that's my life. I am definitely going to try and write a song about Natasha, and maybe she'll love it. Who knows? Rock n' roll!

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Would you love a guy who wrote a song about you?

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