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6 Television Shows to Watch to Counter Your Sherlock Withdrawal

6 Television Shows to Watch to Counter Your Sherlock Withdrawal

If you're like me, Sherlock left a hole in your heart the size of which you haven't seen since you watched all of the Doctor Who episodes in one pajama-clad week. You wonder why the boys in your life lack Cumberbatchian cheekbones. You keep trying to make grand mysteries out of everything and your family is becoming tired of events like "the case of the person who put an empty carton of milk back into the fridge." No show will ever replace Sherlock, but while you wait until the big reveal to the last episode's cliffhanger, here are some suggestions to pass the time: If you miss the contemporary re-make of classic lit, try watching Jekyll. Jekyll is Sherlock's grittier, scarier big brother. Unlike Sherlock, Jekyll is a sequel to the original and plays with the novel throughout the show.  All six episodes are written by Sherlock's Steven Moffat, who is also know for writing Doctor Who's "clever, darker episodes." James Nesbitt (Dr. Tom Jackman, Mr. Hyde, AND Dr. Jekyll) does a fantastic job portraying multiple characters—so much so that he actually seems to be a different person. His Hyde will appeal to Sparkers who found themselves inexplicably drawn to the gigging, creepy, oh-so-evil Rumpelstiltskin on Once Upon a Time. You can even stream it on Netflix!

If you miss the Sherlock-John Friendship, House it is! Somehow, it escaped me that the House-Wilson relationship was based on Sherlock Holmes and John Watson until I read this SparkLife article.  I recommend checking out the Wikipedia page to see the similarities between House and Sherlock Holmes. Anyhow, House stars Hugh Laurie as the awesomely irritable and misanthropic—but brilliant—Dr. Gregory House who only takes medical "cases" which pique his curiosity.  House also has a team of doctors to do the actual work/give the show more relationships and one-liners. Alas, House is not available on Netflix, but the last five episodes are free on Hulu and the last season on Hulu Plus.  However, at least in America, this isn't a problem because there is a law stating that at all times, House will be playing on some channel on your television.

If you miss the delightfully awkward bromance, try watching Peep Show. Peep Show is one of the more unique sit-coms I've seen in a while.  It is about two flat mates, Jez and Mark, who are both basically hopeless losers, but in different ways.  Mark is uptight, works a full time job, and likes to reference Stalingrad at the most inappropriate of times.  Jez is an unemployed "musician" who usually scrapes by on Mark's generosity.  The show is shot from their perspective and lets the viewer in on their internal monologues. Peep Show can be streamed on Netflix OR Hulu, so you really have no excuse not to watch it.  Alternatively, Merlin is also very Bromantic!

If you miss Martin Freeman's facial expressions, watch the British version of the Office. There are people who prefer the British Office and people who are wrong.  Okay, that's not true—I quite enjoy the American Office, but having seen them both, I personally think it's The Office Lite.  In the original version, the boss is more irritable, the jokes more inappropriate, the characters more flawed, the situations more awkward, and the humor more dry.   It basically comes down to personal preference.  Sherlock's Martin Freeman plays Tim Canterbury, who spends his time trying to woo the receptionist, immaturely pranking his co-worker, and bringing a whole new level of adorable to the word exasperated. The Office can be streamed on Netflix.

If you miss an utterly contemptible villain, try Nikita. What Nikita lacks in one-liners, it makes up for in weapons, conspiracy theories, and arse-kicking fight scenes. Division is basically the ultimate villain: it steals young delinquents and trains them to become government assassins or die. It is headed by Percy and Amanda, who are every bit as detestable as Moriarty, if not as delightfully creepy. Anyone the recruits become too friendly with is "cleaned" (a prize for anyone who can guess what that oh-so-subtle euphemism means). Nikita used to be one of the agents, but now she's fighting to bring down the system with the help of Alex, her recruit on the inside.  I love Nikita because it's the closest television has come to the classic spy flick.  It's basically the Jason Bourne series only never-ending and with Lady Power.  Also, watch it for Shane West and his Intense Spy Face. Nikita can also be streamed on Netflix.

Now, find the nearest couch and proceed to vegetate in front of your computer or television screen for the duration of this summer!

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