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Teen Jailed for Missing School?

Teen Jailed for Missing School?

Beware, all ye school skippers out there: it turns out you can go to jail for missing school! Diane Tran found that out the hard way after racking up more than ten unexcused absences at her Texas high school.

Tran is an honors student. She takes dual-enrollment classes and an AP class. And as if normal high school isn't enough for a 17-year-old, Tran also works both a full-time and a part-time job to take care of herself and two siblings. (Her parents are divorced, and she no longer lives with them.)

With all those responsibilities, it's no wonder the poor girl is tired and misses school. Apparently, the Texas judicial system has no pity, though—Tran was arrested and forced to spend the night in jail, and she had to pay a hefty fine. WHAT?! This situation brings up a number of questions, namely, What the HECK? And also these:

  1. Where are her parents? Shouldn't they be the ones getting in trouble here for, like, abandoning their daughter?
  2. If this girl can tackle more work than a normal adult and still take honors classes, shouldn't the school system just leave her the *bleep* alone?
  3. Why in the world are people punishing this girl instead of HELPING HER???

Check out this new report about Tran's situation—isn't the judge infuriating?

Do you think absences deserve jail-time?

[Info via HuffPost]

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