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Help Me Pick a Summer Job

Help Me Pick a Summer Job

I don't know if you've heard the news yet, but tuition can get expensive, you guys. Terrifyingly expensive, in fact, especially for someone who has no idea what they're going to do with their degree once they earn it. So here's my situation: I need to earn approximately 3,000 dollars this summer if I'm not going to take out student loans (I haven't had to yet; fingers crossed that I can keep it up). This means working around 35 hours a week. I haven't even factored in going to Culvers or Summerfest yet.

So where shall I work? Here are the options; you should probably choose for me, because making big life decisions makes my hands sweat.

Piggly Wiggly Deli and Bakery! I've been working here for three years; pretty much the only good part about it is that they don't mind me only working for the summer. They still haven't cleaned out the grease-stalactites under the fryer.

The local centrifuge factory. Upside: $10-15 an hour, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Being a "saw operator" or "induction furnace melter," either of which sound awesome. Downside: I'd be working in a centrifuge factory with potential felons. Terrifying.

A deli an hour away. Sounds like I'd spend everything I make on gas money, right? It actually makes sense, though, when you consider that my mom commutes there every day anyway. Upside: I'd get to work with people my own age, because the deli is in a college town. And I already know how to do the job. Downside: It's an hour away. And a deli.

The local bookstore: Upside: It's a small bookstore in a small town. A BOOKSTORE! Do I even have to elaborate? Downside: I would only get evening and weekend hours, which means I wouldn't earn nearly enough without also working somewhere else. Which would make for 10-12 hour days. A little rough.

The local John Deere factory. Same rules apply as the centrifuge factory, except I wouldn't get to be a saw operator or induction furnace melter. Bummer.

I've applied to all of these positions. I already started working at the Piggly Wiggly deli, but if I decide somewhere else would be better, I definitely have no problem ditching the pig. I think it comes down to a matter of who's willing to hire someone only for summer work, because frankly, I'm overqualified for each one of these jobs.

See, this, kids, is why it's nice to choose your major early. If I were in higher level physics classes, I could get paid internships by now, like all my friends.

Ginger's Song of the Week: Have you ever wondered what it would sound like if Fun. and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes had a collective love child? Well I'm fairly sure this is a decent approximation. (It's awesome.)

Which job sounds most appealing to you? Do you have a summer job yet?

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