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A Facebook Chat Between Catwoman and The Joker

A Facebook Chat Between Catwoman and The Joker

Catwoman: hey

Joker: hey

Catwoman: whatup jokes magotes?

Joker: -__-

Catwoman: lol!

just playin'

Joker: ;)

i kno

how was the governors ball?

Catwoman: was ok i guess

i lost an earring so i was kinda bummed for a while

Joker: yeah? did you lose it dancing with b-man???

Catwoman: lol!

shut! up!

Joker: i bet u 2 danced all nite

and he made u see unicorn dolphins w. rainbow horns

Catwoman: rofl!

u stupid!

Joker: "kiss kiss batman. im the catwoman. lets get ice cream and hold hands and come up w. names for our kids…kiss kiss"

Catwoman: omg! 2 funny!

Joker: :p

Catwoman: god, now u made me want ice cream

Joker: lets get some!

i kno a DQ we can break into!

u ever have a blizzard w. EVERY SINGLE TYPE OF CANDY???

Catwoman: omg! u done that before?

Joker: of course! im the joker! im frikkin nuts!

Catwoman: lol!

k, lets do it

but keep those gross heath bars out of mine

Joker: u dont like the heath pieces???

Catwoman: ugh, no

they taste like how old ppl look

Joker: lol!

i <3 em

they make my tummy go GAAAAHHHH!

Catwoman: lmao!

then u can have a great ol' time w. your old ppl candy

and ill be munchin on my peanut butter cups

Joker: the ladies love the peanut butter cups

Catwoman: we do!

Joker: im gonna make a blizzard with heath bars, snickers, butterfingers, and…and…

Catwoman: ????????????

Joker: and…

french fries!

Catwoman: EWWWW!!

puke puke puke!

Joker: yum yum…ill call it the batman blizzard

cuz its disgusting but so much fun to kill

Catwoman: lol!

u ARE frikkin nuts

im gonna go brush my hair, pick me up in 20 mins?

Joker: that means u goin to poop

i kno the ol' "brush my hair" line

Catwoman: SHUT! UP!

i AM brushing my hair!

Joker: is it cuz batman messed it up last nite??

Catwoman: omg! nooooooooo!

Joker: lol!

k, ill pick u up in 20 mins

im bringin my helicopter w. the machine guns so we can get in 2 da DQ yo!

Catwoman: yaaaaayyyy! blizzards!!!!!

c ya soon!

Joker: c ya!

Joker has signed off of Facebook is no longer available to chat.

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