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Your Fill-in-the-Blank Graduation Speech

Your Fill-in-the-Blank Graduation Speech

By Janet Manley

Fill in a word for each of the below, then soak up the commencement wisdom of your graduation speech!

1. Inanimate object
2. Inanimate object
3. Olympic event
4. Appetizer
5. Main course
6. Noun
7. Adjective
8. Adjective
9. Noun
10. Noun
11. Verb
12. Noun
13. Adjective
14. Noun
15. Something terrible
16. Number
17. Piece of equipment
18. Adverb
19. Verb
20. Animal
21. Verb
22. Noun
23. Verb
24. Verb
25. Human organ
26. Another human organ
27. Final human organ

Graduates, parents, faculty, distinguished guests, ___(1)___s,

In a moment, you will receive a ___(2)___ formalizing your graduation from this institution of __(3)__; you will step up to the podium as __(4)__, and leave it as __(5)__.
It has been said that the road of life is paved with __(6)__s. We take our first step down that __(7)__ road of __(8)__ __(9)__s. Along the way, we see __(10)__s. Sometimes, they __(11)__ on our dreams. But there are friends and __(12)__ to help us through the __(13)__ times, and give us __(14)__ when a path ends in a __(15)__. What have you learned these past __(16)__ years? That __(17)__ don’t __(18)__ __(19)__. That the __(20)__s who gave birth to you believed you would grow up to __(21)__.
But you are your own person. You control your __(22)__. And if you'd rather __(23)__ than __(21)__, look into the eyes of your __(20)__s and say, "This is my destiny. I will __(24)__ it."

Above all, you must follow your __(25)__. Look into the __(26)__ of your best friend, and trust __(14)__.

For you, graduates, are the __(27)__ of the future.

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