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What You'll Miss When You Move Out

What You'll Miss When You Move Out

It's exciting to turn 18 and move out of your parents' house and into a dorm or an apartment. But just because it's exciting doesn’t mean it's easy. After you unpack your bags at school, you realize there are actually things you'll miss about home—even those terrible humans in your family. We’ve complied the best things about living at home so that you can mentally and emotionally prepare yourself before you leave the nest.

The greetings. Even if your mom or dad wakes you up every morning by shaking you and turning on your bright overhead light, there is a comfort in their annoying actions. Their daily “how was your day?” or “how was school?” is annoying, but it’s still nice to have some ask about you and your day. You will miss the unwelcome hugs, the unwarranted kisses, and the “good night!” your mom screams through your door on her way to bed.

The unlimited supply of food. Moms seem to whip up home-cooked meals from seemingly nothing. When you get home from student council, it’s not unusual to be greeted by a platter of steaming lasagna, fresh salad, and hot dinner rolls. You’ll miss the food made with love, even if your dorm has a soft serve ice cream machine that never runs out. And after a while, even French fries and late-night pizza lose their luster. You’ll realize after moving that grocery shopping and keeping an unlimited supply of Coke around is a hard job—gotta give your parents props on that one.

Kin company. At home, the halls are full of voices. Your mom calls you downstairs for dinner. Your dad beckons you into the living room to play a round of Jeopardy!. Your brother yells from the basement for you to come down and try out his new video game with him. Even though these voices are oftentimes loud and annoying, they are still comforting. While you now yearn for your own space and more alone time, when you're in the dorm, you may find yourself wishing someone would call you into the next room to answer trivia in front of a big screen TV. You will make new friends down the hall, but there’s something to be said for the loud shriek of your mother and the bellowing voice of your dad bouncing down the hall and up into your ears.

The help. Every day, your parents do little favors for you. If your mom packs your lunch, picks up your dry cleaning so you can wear that one shirt tomorrow, or simply runs out to the store to pick up more milk, you will soon realize how convenient your parents have made life for you. They don’t do these things because you’re incapable or too busy with school. They do them simply because they love you. It’s highly unlikely you'll find a friend in the dorm who will tidy up your place just because she knows you’re locked up in the library like a cloistered monk for a full week of studying for finals. BUT, if happen to find that friend, think about marrying her. TOMORROW.

The cleanliness and order. You’re on your own now, so good luck with that! Now you’ll get why your mom is psycho about vacuuming, cleaning, washing, and changing, after previously thinking these things were simply a waste of time. A clean house keeps you sane.

The advice. Whether you realize it or not, you consult with your parents about the smallest of things. You ask your ma if these shoes look good with this skirt, and she always give you the right answer. When you ask a roommate if a piece of clothing looks good on you, you run the risk of her thinking you’re fishing for a compliment, when all you're seeking is some straight up fashion advice. The good thing is you can always call home about the big stuff and ask if you should apply for that honors program or join the school newspaper. If you're totally desperate, you can show mom your outfit to see what she thinks. What do you think they created Skype for?

Anything we’ve overlooked? What will you miss most about your house? Will it be the reclining chairs in your living room or your mom’s kinda-wrinkled face when she laughs? Share in the comments below.

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