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It's Time to Get "Call Me Maybe" Out of Your System

It's Time to Get "Call Me Maybe" Out of Your System

Yesterday we showed you fun.'s cover of "Call Me Maybe." Whether or not you think the song is awful, you can't deny that there are about a million covers of the song that are downright addictive to watch. And that's why we've compiled this wonderful assortment of the best of the best out there.

Go watch these videos. And get this song out of your system (maybe).

First, we have the Sherlock version, sent in by dac213.

And then there's the Harvard Baseball Team, which prompted a number of it's own covers.

Including this terrible Obama version. Thanks for scarring me, Jay Leno.

And you can't forget Bieber and Co.'s version, which kinda started this whole thing to begin with.

Of course, Katy Perry and Miley had to copycat that one...

But the video that tops ALL of them is this one. This epic video of all the best covers edited together. We love it!

Okay, we lied. This song is never leaving our heads. What's your favorite "Call Me Maybe" cover?

[Thanks to Crushable for that last video!]

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