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What's Your Hungarian Name?

What's Your Hungarian Name?

Everyone knows visiting Hungary is at the top of your bucket list. Don't deny it—we know it's true. But before you run off to the Land of the Rubik’s Cube, you should probably adopt a Hungarian-esque name. Just follow the directions below, and you’ll have yourself a cool Hungarian moniker! And, even though some of them sound crazy, these names are legit. I checked.First Name: Choose the number that is the date of your birth. (They’re set up boy name/girl name. Make sure you pick the right one.) And no cheating! Even if you like Gergely better than Norbert.

1.       Tibor/Agnes
2.       Gergely/Szabina
3.       Renato/Edina
4.       Zalan /Borbala
5.       Norbert/Judit
6.       Pal/Tunde
7.       Szilveszter/Krisztina
8.       Barna/Fanni
9.       Arpad/Eszter
10.   Attila/Dorina
11.   Zoltan/Kitti
12.   Laszlo/Barbara
13.   Tamas/Greta
14.   Balint/Csenge
15.   Gabor/Dzsenifer
16.   Milan/Dorottya
17.   Ferenc/Panna
18.   Krisztofer/Timea
19.   Lajos/Fruzsina
20.   Donat/Kinga
21.   Szilard/Dorka
22.   Domonkos/Orsolya
23.   Nandor/Zsuzsanna
24.   Bertalan/Henrietta
25.   Antal/Janka
26.   Geza/Hajnalka
27.   Endre/Dalma
28.   Hunor/Eniko
29.   Koppany/Boglarka
30.   Bela/Reka
31.   Bendeguz/Luca

Middle Name: Choose the name that corresponds to the month you were born. (Again, it’s boy/girl. Pick the right one!) And still no cheating!

January: Botond/Ivett
February: Imre/Flora
March: Soma/Szonja
April: Kevin/Ramona
May: Janos/Dora
June: Agoston/Kata
July: Vilmos/Mercedesz
August: Kornel/Blanka
September: Szebasztian/Zita
October- Istvan/Petra
November: Benedek/
December- Viktor/Bernadett

Last Name: Smith. Everyone’s last name is Smith. This part’s cheat-proof, so don’t bother.

Ta-da! There you have it, your Hungarian name. I encourage you to fully adopt this new name, using it as much as possible. You may even find referring to yourself in the third person is more cool with an awesome new name. And feel free to find your friends' names, and use those bunches too!

Post by sydney8771 (AKA Zsuzsanna Petra)

What's your crazy-awesome (and hard to pronounce) Hungarian name?

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