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The 10 Worst Date Movies

The 10 Worst Date Movies

Movies and dates go together like maple syrup on vanilla ice cream. There's no denying the power of cinema when it comes to snuggling up close to that lucky so-and-so sitting right beside you. While there are a whole slew of movies that'll make your date lift up his/her armrest and get cozy, there are plenty of others that'll put the WTH glance on your date's face mid-way through.  Here are 10 we think you should avoid:

No Country For Old Men. The 2008 Best Picture winner is chock-full of crime, suspense, and shots through the head so brutal you can see the victim's last thought squirting out. And if that doesn't make you wonder why you agreed to go on a date with someone who brought you to see it, then the creeped-out haircut of the sociopath inflicting all this gore should do it.

Titanic. SPOILER ALERT: This is a movie where a giant boat sinks and people freeze to death. Yes, there is a love story involved and yes, Titanic is considered to be one of the greatest movies of all time, but let’s be real: a 3-hour long flick that's gonna make you cry enough tears to fill the actual Titanic? Right.

Any Final Destination Movie. Horror movies are almost perfect for dates. The scares bring you closer and your heart's beating so fast by the end that you're happy to share the thrills with someone else. Final Destination, though, is a bit much. C'mon, an entire series of movies that predicts people's deaths? Not to mention, sparing no gory details along the way. If anything, these movies should be used to define how much of a sick-o your date might be.

The Hangover. The ultimate dude comedy came out '09 and never before did we think hitting a baby with a car door would be so funny. But hey, let's keep the male bonding flicks among friends and leave our dates out of it. The last thing we should wanna do is explain if guys are really like that. And on that note…

Bridesmaids. The ultimate chick comedy came out two years later and never before did we think a woman pooping in a sink would be so funny. (Well, maybe we did.) The film that put Kristen Wiig permanently on the map is a full-on female bonding adventure. Let's keep it within those boundaries and leave the date night movie to something with a little less CRAPPING IN A WEDDING GOWN.

Fight Club. Dudes beating dudes. (sigh) How romantic. No seriously, how is that romantic? Answer: it's not. With scenes that include stealing human fat from a liposuction clinic there is no love in the air with this film. The first rule of Movie Date Night: You do not talk about Fight Club.

A Clockwork Orange. Do ya like the feeling of being completely disturbed for 2 hours? Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece will leave you with a pit in your stomach so big you'll wanna spew popcorn all over your date. For example, one scene shows the main characters with his eyes bolted open as he is forced to watch violence. Good luck erasing THAT image from your memory!

Blue Valentine. If you've never seen this indie gem starring Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams, then we'll fill you in: Not every relationship lasts forever. Well-acted and directed, but this movie will make any couple question their relationship. Stay away and rent The Notebook instead.

Inglourious Basterds. There had to be at least one Quentin Tarantino movie on this list, so why not the flick where Brad Pitt carves a swastika on to the head of a Nazi? And hey, if that doesn't scream romance to your date, perhaps the scene where a soldier removes a scalp with a Bowie knife will.

Silence of the Lambs. There's a serial killer on the loose who collects human skin! There's another serial killer in jail who eats people! Happy Valentine's Day, sweetheart! I got you just what you wanted…nightmares for the next 4 weeks.

What's the worst movie you've ever watched on a date?

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