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My History Teacher Is Crazy, In a Good Way

My History Teacher Is Crazy, In a Good Way

My history teacher, Mr. Mead, is crazy. Here is a just a little of the nuttiness that takes place in his Modern World History Honors class.

1. All who enter get thunder clapped. If you are not in this class, congrats, you will get thunder clapped anyway. He has given us endless lessons on the “art” of the thunder clap.
2. He has nicknamed himself “One Slide Mead” because we only can get through one Powerpoint slide per 55-minute class block. This is because Mr. Mead is a fan of going off on random tangents that are completely irrelevant, but very entertaining. Mainly these are about his daughter, and things in life that annoy him.
3. He keeps a Championship Wrestler Belt in his classroom, and pulls it out whenever he talks about his greatness. Example of this gloating: “People come great distances for the greatness of Mead.”
4. In the front of the room there is a small cabinet that is our “slow cooker.” Whenever we bring up something that will be relevant later, we put it in on low, medium, or high. We finally started taking stuff out this marking period. When he takes stuff out, he makes exaggerated whiffs and exclaims that “knowledge smells good.”
5. There is an accent for every country we talk about. From Russia, to Britain, to France and beyond. Every single one. Some are better than others. The Russian one is hilarious!
6. He also likes to use really cheesy jokes. EX: “Like swiss cheese, it’s holy.”
7. We once spent an entire class period talking about elephants. That is just not normal.
8. Every test is prefaced with music. Not just any music. Either really peppy music, or doom music. Always sets a great mood to write a DBQ.
9. He always talks about #globalswag, and how he has this amazing power. Yeah, I am not sure what to say to that.
10. When he gets mad, he bangs his head on doors. And just about anything else.
11. If you want to drink or eat in his class, you must stand outside the door. This rule is sacred.
12. His catchphrase is “I love you, but I don’t love you.”

It’s not your average Modern World History Honors class, that’s for sure.


Are any of your teachers as gloriously weird as Mr. Mead?

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