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Why YOU Should Watch TRON: Uprising

Why YOU Should Watch TRON: Uprising

Over the weekend, Disney did the most amazing (and surprisingly out-of-character) thing EVER: they posted the first episode of the upcoming TRON: Uprising series on their YouTube page. I know, Sparklers, I know. The last time something this amazing happened was so many cycles ago that I lost track. If you don’t already know (or if you haven’t seen either of the movies, in which case you should watch TRON: Legacy RIGHT NOW), TRON: Uprising is a Disney XD-exclusive series that takes place in between the events of TRON and TRON: Legacy. Its purpose is to explain what happened during between the two movies. CLU will come to power. Tron will allegedly be derezzed. Long story short, the Grid is rapidly evolving in this series.

Now, why do I think you should watch this? Well, based off of the first episode, I’ll give you the top four reasons (because Tron is four letters long) why you should watch TRON: Uprising.

  1. The Plot: Like I said, TRON: Uprising takes place between the two TRON movies. Uprising follows the story of Beck, a young program whose hometown has been suddenly taken over by one of CLU’s minions. His friend Bodhi is ruthlessly derezzed by one of Tessler’s men, and as a result, Beck takes on the identity of the great Tron, whom everyone believes is dead. Eventually, Tron comes out of hiding to take up Beck as his prodigy. Quite honestly, I feel like this is an interesting take on this interim portion of the Tron franchise. It’s a flexible concept with substance, and the first episode proves its potential.
  2. The Music: Ah, where do I begin? The show uses some of the Daft Punk soundtrack from TRON: Legacy. However, there’s a bunch of new music included in the mix as well. The show’s musical composer is Joseph Trapanese, who actually worked on the Legacy soundtrack with Daft Punk. The original Daft Punk soundtrack was amazing, so if you think about it, it’s a better soundtrack than most TV shows have.
  3. The Graphics: If you thought the visuals of Legacy were impressive, then you’ll be pretty happy with the visuals for Uprising. It’s got an art style similar to that of Legacy—bright, fluorescent neon colors on top of black, shiny surfaces. The effects are top-notch. In a way, it looks like Legacy with animated characters rather than real-world actors. Long story short, it looks like a video game—which is just how the Grid should look.
  4. The Boxleitner: What’s better than a TRON television show? A TRON television show with Bruce Boxleitner, of course! Disney managed to get Boxleitner on board for Uprising, and that was a pretty ingenious move. Boxleitner is the original Tron; he played the heroic program (along with Tron’s real-world counterpart, Alan Bradley) in the 1982 film TRON, and he reprised both roles in 2010’s TRON: Legacy. He’s the only cast member of Uprising to have been in the original movie, and, quite honestly, he’s the only original member the cast needs. You just can’t replace the Tron.

Really, even if you’re not a diehard TRON fan (like yours truly), you should check out this show. The first episode is online practically a month early, so if you’d rather not wait until June 7 to form your opinion on it, just give it 30 minutes of your time. (Trust me—it’ll be 30 minutes well spent.)

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Are you going to go watch TRON: Uprising now?

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