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Why I Actually Like Having Vision Problems

Why I Actually Like Having Vision Problems

Like many people, I have trouble seeing. Sure, glasses or contacts can be a pain, but here are the pros of having vision problems:

1) Contacts are fun! The thought of poking your eye on purpose may seem scary initially, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes almost fun. I actually think I can see better with contacts than with glasses, but everyone is different. There are also colored contacts which would be fun to experiment with. If you're interested in having eyes like Edward, there are gold contacts available! Or, you could just try green...

2) Different perspectives! I was in the car without my glasses one night, and the signal lights were all bright and fuzzy, and actually, it was pretty cool, like a kaleidoscope almost. I realized then that people with 20/20 vision don't have the opportunity to see things from different perspectives, like those with vision problems do. This may seem a little backwards, but hey, I like looking at the cup half full. Or in my case, kind of fuzzy.

3) You have the option of contacts or glasses. Options! These are always good, unless you have trouble making decisions. Personally, I like being able to wake up and decide how I want to look for the day. I can decide to get my geek on, and wear my adorable black frame glasses. (Side note: the fact that you truly need them makes you cooler than those people who wear non-prescription nerd glasses to be cool. Oh, the irony.) Or, I can go "natural" and wear contacts. If the idea of sticking your finger in your eye freaks you out, I totally understand. Glasses it is. But it's nice to have a choice...people without vision problems don't get these options!


We love our -5.00/-4.75 contacts! Are you kind of fond of your terrible eyesight?

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