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The Top 6 Reasons Everyone Should Take Philosophy

The Top 6 Reasons Everyone Should Take Philosophy

Let's be honest: the first thing that comes into your mind when you think of philosophy is "I am never going to use that." But don't be fooled! Philosophy is not only fun, but also useful! The only problem is, well, there's not a lot of career options (unless you want to be a philosophy teacher). However, philosophy still makes for an interesting course option and here's why:

  1. Philosophy makes you sound intelligent. When your friends ask what class you're going to next, you can adopt a snooty look and say "Oh, I'm just going to philosophy. I think we are discussing the metaphysics of Aristotle today." See? You sound smarter already, and it sounds way cooler than English or calculus.
  2. You get to use big words that only .06% of the world actually understands. For example, metaphysics, teleology, and entelechy. You're probably thinking, "Whoa, slow down there! What does that mean?!" Allow me to enlighten you: Metaphysics is the branch of philosophy concerned with the nature of being. Teleology basically says that a purpose for everything exists, and entelechy is the way this purpose is reached. Sound cool? Just imagine telling your friends they aren't following their entelechy; you'll seem so smart!
  3. You get to confuse other teachers by putting philosophy into all your papers! For instance, you could say something like "George Washington was actually an existentialist." Have fun watching your APUSH teacher try and figure that out. Also, English teachers just love when you relate novels that are already philosophical to another, more obscure philosophy, like comparing The Unbearable Lightness of Being, an existentialist novel, to Taoism from 600s B.C. China.
  4. You can have deep philosophical discussions with your friends and make everyone jealous of your intelligence! Just picture yourself sitting in the cafeteria discussing different philosophical views (bonus points if you all wear tweed). Now picture everyone else turning green with envy.
  5. You can freak out your parents by telling them you're converting to hedonism, which is the absolute pursuit of pleasure. Or tell them you are dropping out of school to become a Zen Buddhist monk in order to achieve nirvana. And anyway, they'll have to be supportive, if only because they don't know big enough words to counter you.
  6. You can use obscure philosophical references in daily life! For instance, tell your most gullible friend to leave the cave. (Plato's Allegory of the Cave anyone?) Movie night? Wow your friends by comparing Yoda to a Tao Master! Running for class president? Tell everyone to vote for you because you are a philosopher-king, and they are just commoners who are incapable of leading. I'm sure you will win!

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What do you think of philosophy? Totally cool or totally drool?

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