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The 4th Annual Yearbook Award Winners!

The 4th Annual Yearbook Award Winners!

The Fourth Annual SparkNotes Yearbook Awards are over, and you know you want to know who the winners are. Lucky for you, we're ready with the deets! You can click here to see the winners for each category.  We had some amazingly talented contestants this year, and we're so proud of everyone—victorious or not! Curious about our winners? Here's a little bit about the champions:

  • Our Greatest Leader is a Mankler! He's got some mad rhyming skillz and likes to take charge on the fashion front and at parties.
  • The Best Hair winner for this year has amazing, humidity-proof hair and a strong dislike of Bump-its. She also has some sort of magic power to make her hair look fan-freakin'-tastic. Us, jealous? Noooo.
  • Our Biggest Hipster is a ukulele-playing, longboard-riding instagrammer. She's smarter than us because she actually recycles, and hey, we think that really does take some talent. And patience.
  • This year's Best Dressed winner is an aspiring fashion designer who looks a little bit like Alicia Silverstone from Clueless, if you ask us.
  • Our Biggest Geek is a trumpet-laying math and science smarty! She's got the guts to compete with mostly guys and she can play text-based video games. How awesome is that?
  • And, last but not least, our Best Eyes winner is open-minded and humble, plus she's got a killer icy stare.

To find out who these mysterious winners are , follow this link. And wish a hearty congrats to all of our competitors—spectacular job, Sparklers!

Aren't these Yearbook Award winners amazing?

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